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    It sounds like the Idea is to always have a maximal load on the muscle throughout the entire movement. How this machine is different from using bands or chains I am not sure, though you might have more control over exactly how much resistance is used. after some quick google-ing I was unable to find anything else on this machine or it's specifications but it is a valid concept and would be very interesting if there were any published studies where this device has been used or to see some of Val's or even Werner's old training programs to see how this machine was utilized in their training. But it does sound unnecessarily expensive.

    P.s. does it bug anyone else that Werner Gunthor is quoted as being a world champion discus thrower as opposed to being a multiple world champion shot putter? I know this may seem trivial but It's far to common to see mistakes like these in sports reporting.

    I know that many putters include close grip bench press taken down higher on the chest in their training programs (generally lighter weight than with regular grip) because it is closer to the actual throwing motion. Also from what I have seen from the shot putters I have trained with they generally have a little bit narrower grip when benching but not by much.