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    Hey Dirk Walsh. The facilities were average. Gym is minimal. Thrower area is ok. The accomodation was good. I did get sick, so I dont know if its tge food. But I do know we will be staying in a better hotel for conti cup.
    No I dont think it gives me an advantage. The guys that will compete against me are experienced. I couldnt fault the circle, so I think we all level.

    Hey guys. Yeah they said Jaco and Mozia hit the toe board. I personally didn't see the incidents but that was the word from both the athletes. No, Jaco won't be able to go to Continental Cup as they only take two throwers, but they have to be from different countries. Same happened in 2010. South Africa placed 1, 2 and 3 in the shot, so they sent 4th place.

    It was an African Championship that was much closer than on paper. Mozia was said to have fouled on a good throw when it seemed he hadn't fouled, and I think same happened to Jaco. Temperatures were high, I think we competed when it was 34 degrees and that was at 7 o'clock at night. It was unfortunate that we could not throw our best as we are all 20.50 meter plus throwers. Nonetheless, it should be a good Continental Cup there in September.