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    According to Sieg Lindstrom in T&F News @Mac Wilkins plans to address this issue:

    1.) Establish the [US Olympic training Center] as the place to be if you've graduated from college and want to throw the discus as far as you can and win a medal in the Olympics and World Championships.

    2.) Wilkins, "I'm not taking some 210' high school thrower who's 6' 1" or 6' 2" [1,85m-1,88m] and thinking that I can go challenge Robert harting, who's 6'7" [2,01m]. That's not going to happen; that's the definition of inanity. So you need guys like-well, I'm not supposed to mention names, but guys who are in college right now." It's not hard to guess some names (both men and women).

    3.) You need those guys to buy into what's going on, you need to move away from [a once common approach at the US Olympic training Center] where it's kind the cafeteria here: you walk in there and say, 'I think today I'll have some of this and some of that' and tomorrow you walk in and say. 'I'm not taking any of this crap.'

    4.) [Athletes] have to come here because I want this person to be my coach and I want to be fused at the hip he next two years. and maybe beyond that.

    5.) Venegas says, "We want to start a whole new system of of really having a national concept."

    6.) "What is,to me, as important as developing the throwers, is developing a knowledge base, a culture, if you will, of here's what it takes to throw-the discus specifically but, as much as I can, all four throwing events."

    7.) ... When [Wilkins] leaves here, I want to have [a coach] who can step in and take my place who I'll feel can do more than I can do, who knows and can share the event and understands what it takes to be successful technically, mentally, and so on.

    Sieg Lindstrom writes in the March 2014 T&F News that the are "... 19 current Chula-Vista resident throwers", with Jared Schuurmans the only male discus thrower.

    I find it odd that we don't know who else it training there.