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    The red lines are the wrong and the black the correct way to throw ! my opinion always !
    : since you start make the cross you body need to start going back,
    also the left hand need correction in the move not to go so back .
    . here you make the jump but you body need to be little more back ,
    here also you left leg need to make little bigger cross in front.
    3A. pic you angle is very high if you throw 80+ is good or 75+ and you right arm need to be little higher .
    The red line it show you you the way you throw you elbow will go below you shoulders and as results you will be hurt.
    3.pic you can see the 3pic that you elbow is going below !
    red circles in that position you right leg should step down and start
    make the turn to help you give more boost for the last step before you
    throw .
    for the left leg you see you step first on the heel and
    then the rest of the foot ! if you learn to step the whole foot you will
    have better grip at the end !

    4a pic . again the elbow and the
    distance between the 2 legs should me little less . the reason is to
    help the right leg to turn and give you the boost you need and to help
    you later in the left leg . and the pelvis to go higher and to make the
    turn from the right to front !

    4b pic you see the the mistakes the left leg is bent and not strait and there you loose a lot of power and speed , making you body going lower and not higher.

    5 pic
    since the moment you dont step strait the left leg the body is going left and the pelvis stay behind and the hand is very high !

    Sorry for my English . there are more mistakes sure . And always is mine opinion soooo ..... !

    good luck !