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    Discussion of article Kanter: "If Harting wouldn´t be scared, he wouldn´t have bothered me":

    Estonian discus giant Gerd Kanter admitted that the European Champion Robert Harting used a sneaky manner to get his focus away before the final attempt.

    "It was a low act, I would not do it myself, but it has an impact of course- you try to surprise your opponent in a new situation" Kanter blames.

    The double World Champion Harting asked Kanter if he is interested in changing t-shirts after the final, and he asked it right before Kanter´s final round throw. Now, the Olympic Champion Kanter…

    Discussion of article Travis Smikle launches 67.12:

    Travis Smikle, an unknown thrower until he launched an amazing 67.12m at the Jamaican NC that was also the trial of the Olympic Games.

    He won the meet ahead of Jason Morgan (61.93m), the ruler of Jamaican discus throwing with a personal best of 67.15m (NR). Smikle, now just 20 years old, also broke the A-standard of the Games which makes it even more shocking. The fact that he just missed the national record by 3 cm shows the record holder Jason Morgan that he has a strong competitor beside…

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    Discussion of article El Ghazaly: "The Muslim Brotherhood is no threat for tourists":

    After Mohamed Morsi, the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood was announced as the president of Egypt, we asked Omar El Ghazaly what are his thoughts about that.

    "Muslim Brotherhood are good people that have been working hard for the last 80 years. They have been shut down by the old regime and put to prison for no reason."

    "Now they got their chance to show what they fighted for all those 80 years, They are not Taliban nor al-Qaeda, they are not extremists living in caves like many Americans…

    Discussion of article Alekna shows an amazing form in Lille, 69.04:

    The twofold discus Olympic Champion Virgilijus Alekna, the walking legend in the events of throwing, surpassed all the doubts in Lille where he won the discus with an amazing 69.04m.

    Alekna had thrown 68.79m earlier this week in the meet held in Bellinzona. After what many were in doubt of Alekna´s form and found the throw just a flash. With his amazing row of throws - 68.05, 69.04, 68.47, 68.91, 66.12 and 68.40 - he made it clear that he is not the man to not count with in Helsinki and…

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    Discussion of article Alekna ignores his age and sets his sight towards London, 68.79 in Bellinzona:

    Lithuania´s Virgilijus Alekna threw 68.79m in Bellinzona and shows opponents he is not the one to not count with. It´s his best throw in 4 years.

    Alekna is 40 years old. He has two golds from Olympic Games and World Championships, also one from European Championships. His personal best is 73.88m, achieved 12 years ago. That puts him second after the world record holder Jurgen Schult.

    Discussion of article A very consitent Reese Hoffa wins the IAAF Diamond League shot put with 21,81m!:

    Reese Hoffa (USA) won the competition with his new season´s best of 21.81m. It sets him the 1st in the world top list this year. Hoffa´s previous season´s best was 21.73m since 18 April. Hoffa was impressively consistent today with throws of 21,40m, 21,81m, 21,37m, 21,72m, 21,69m, X.

    The competition behind Hoffa was also interesting. Tomasz Majewski the reigning Olympic champion finished on second with his season´s best of 21.60m.

    Dylan Armstrong was third with 21.50m which was a season best…

    Discussion of article Hadadi gained confidence in Rome:

    Iran´s discus celebrity Ehsan Hadadi won the Diamond League meet held in Rome yesterday. 66.73m was enough to grab the victory over Lithuania´s discus legend Virgilijus Alekna who finished second with 66.31m.

    Gerd Kanter, the reigning Olympic Champion continued his season with 65.36m. He finished third.

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    Iran´s sports celebrity Ehsan Hadadi opened his season with 66.60m. Mahmoud Samimi, also Iran´s, followed him with 64.64m. The meet was held in Shiraz.

    Hadadi got his first world stage medal last year in Daegu where he landed on bronze. His personal best stands on 69.31, thrown in Tallinn 2008. This is also the standing Asian record.

    After a remarkable row of strong victories over the absolute world class throwers he was comfident months before the Beijing Games. Unhappily he injured his…

    Discussion of article Alekna opened with 65.72:

    The Lithuania´s discus legend Virgilijus Alekna opened his season in Vilnius.

    His best throw was measured at 65.72m that sets him 7th in the World´s top list.

    He opened the meet with a decent 62.57m. He added couple of meters by throwing 64.97m in his second throw and 65.72m in the third round. He also had 64.06m in his fourth throw.

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    JAMAICA'S Jason Morgan set a new National Record in the discus throw when he threw 65.61m at the Leon Johnson Invitational at Walter P Ledet Track Complex on the campus of Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana earlier today.

    The former Calabar High and Louisiana Tech athlete beat his own record 64.11m set at a meet also in Louisiana last year and has achieved the A qualifying standard for the is summer's London Olympics.

    In an interview with the Jamaica Observer, Morgan…

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    Quote using the wind assistance. Recently we published a post on our Facebook fanpage [URL:] that picked up a significant amout of feedback. Because of the fact that many throwers have no idea why´s all the noise about wind, we decided to publish an article about scientific research and prove those by adding several examples. All you are about to read is proven through many decades.

    How wind helps?

    Based on "The Physics Of Sports" by Angelo Armenti Jr. ( Ed. ),…

    Discussion of article A wonderful interview with the NCAA indoor record holder Ryan Whiting:

    In 2008, ASU sophomore Ryan Whiting broke a highly respected 31 year-old NCAA record previously set by former outdoor world record holder Terry Albritton. Ryan Whiting's mark of 21.73M ESPN2 was accomplished under some pressure from Russ Winger in the 6th round. Since 1977, many stellar shot putters (World and Olympic Champions) came through the NCAA. They had all tried and failed to break this formidable record. Ryan Whiting accomplished the NCAA record feat as a sophomore.

    How did you get…

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