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    American shot putter Ryan Whiting continued to dominate his event this winter when provided the best performance of the evening at the ninth edition of the Pedro’s Cup indoor meeting in Bydgoszcz, Poland, on Tuesday (12).

    In absence of local favourite and two-time Olympic champion Tomasz Majewski, the reigning World indoor champion Ryan Whiting was always the clear favourite in the men’s Shot Put competition but had to show his competitive mettle before emerging as the winner with an effort of…

    Discussion of article Inside The Games: Olympic discus champion auction raises funds for Paralympic swimmer:

    February 5 - Olympic discus champion Robert Harting has raised more than €7,000 to help support Paralympic swimmer Daniela Schulte after auctioning more than 40 pieces of his personal clothing and memorabilia from London 2012.

    The German sold off a total of 35 items of clothing on the auction site Ebay, including vests, shirts, official practice kit and bags he received as part of his allocation for the Olympics.

    The most popular item was Harting's sweatshirt, which had 36 bids and was sold…

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    Valerie Adams and Nadzeya Ostapchuk don´t get along well these days, instead of that, Adams is pissed of that Ostapchuk stole her moment in London. Adams got her Gold medal couple of weeks later in New Zealand.

    A boxing promoter whos identity is unknown tried to benefit from the rivality of these two offering them a chance to fix things in ring. Adams turned down the offer.

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    President of the Iranian Athletics Federation, Afshin Davari reported that the Olympic silver medallist Ehsan Hadadi will team with Wolfgang Schmidt.

    Schmidt is the former European Champion and Indoor World Record holder (66.20), record that was rewritten by Hadadi´s rival Gerd Kanter with 69.51 in 2009.

    Ehsan Hadadi will probably move his gear to America because Schmidt who is a native German lives there on a daily basis.

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    Fazekas who tested positive this summer was initially sentenced to 8 year ban. However it´s now clear that he is banned for 6 months.

    Hungarian Anti-Doping Agency found that the illegal steroid stanozolol is a part of a substance that is legally available on market and Fazekas bought the substance without knowing its contents.

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    ERGO World Games brought together a pot of famous names in discus throwing. Sixth in a row, ERGO Games was brought to life in 2006 by Aleksander Tammert, son of Estonia´s legendary thrower and coach Aleksander Tammert senior. The idea is to clarify the best discus country in the world.

    ERGO Games was held in Kose, a village in northern part of Estonia. Gerd Kanter managed to individually win in front of his homecrowd with a heave of 64.64m. Followed by Erik Cadée (63.79m) and Ehsan Hadadi…

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    A 75-year old experienced athletics official died in hospital after being speared through the throat by a javelin at an athletics meet in the German city of Dusseldorf.

    The official at the city's Wilhelm Unger Games for young athletes went to measure a javelin throw, but was hit by the javelin as it landed, according to local media reports.

    Paramedics revived the victim at the scene and an emergency doctor escorted him as he was rushed to the city's University Hospital, where he was operated…

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    The 2-time Olympic champion Valerie Adams won the Diamond League meet held in Stockholm. Her best put was measured 20.26m.

    Adams plays a good role in recent scandal with her opponent Ostapchuk. After a positive test of Ostapchuk was revealed, she has stayed modest with her pronouncements - unlike Ostapchuk who claimed Adams in drug use and refuses to deliver the award to Adams - who is a true champion indisputably.

    The more tragic is a fact that Adams was not able to take the highest step on…

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    IOC withdraws gold medal from shot put athlete Nadzeya Ostapchuk. Ostapchuk won gold medal in the women´s shot put final in London. Her winning result was 21.36m leaving Valerie Adams second with 20.70m.

    The analytical report of the laboratory analysis of the A sample of the First Sample,
    issued by the WADA Accredited Laboratory in Harlow, dated 9 August 2012, indicated
    the presence of metenolone and its metabolite, which are classified as anabolic
    agents (S1) under the 2012 Prohibited List.…

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    19-yrs old Keshorn Walcott who became the youngest ever winner of the Olympic javelin title expressed his desire to throw over 90 meters in couple of years.

    "I must work on my technique a lot. In next couple of years I get stronger and hopefully manage to throw over 90 meters," Walcott said. Walcott, also the reigning junior world champion, threw 84.58 to his new personal best. His previous was 82.83 meters. Interesting is that his winning result in London is just 11cm shy of the world junior…

    Discussion of article Walcott becomes the youngest ever winner of the Olympic javelin title:

    If you would have asked someone to predict the winner of the Olympic javelin title most would have answered Thorkildsen, Veselý or Pitkamäki. If you would have put cash on 19-yrs old Keshorn Walcott then you´d be a millionaire now.

    The world junior champion entered the final to get experience and never thought of going home as a champion. He launched a new Trinidad record 84.58 in second round, just 11cm shy of the world junior record.

    In the end it was a throw that got him the brightest…

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