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    Hi guys

    Im looking to buy a few pairs of Mizuno Shot Put Discus shoes in size US 13
    I cant seem to find them anywhere
    Not fussed if they are second hand as long as they arent to scrubbed or worn out on the soles


    Not sure a lot of factors play into how much you improve

    genetic potential
    technique expertise
    other training
    weight gain

    Looking at this youtube the kid looks very young and inexperienced in first shot and a year later looks quite good plus he looks like he grew a bit. Never under estimate growth and its effect on distance. I remember when I was 17 and i first threw the shot i think i threw 11m something and a year later without any training improved over 2 metres then after a year of training I improved another 2.5 metres.

    One of the 17 year old girls that I coach went from 12m to 14.80m in 11 months just increasing her training from 1 session a week to 3. This was purely technique and throwing strength gains that lead to her improvement. I cant wait til she hits the weightroom

    hope this helps

    HI all
    he results have been given to the association - fingers crossed they post them at some point
    but from memory Lachy threw 18.16 (5kg), I threw 14.90m (7.26), Alifa 13.6 something

    the meet is held monthly during the summer season at St Albans Reserve, Clearview South Australia