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    27 years old, 6'3", shot 12.93m, discus 44.90m, hammer 43.75m

    Cleans (hang and full) - 110kg
    Snatch - 80kg
    Jerk - 90kg / Behind neck jerk - 110kg
    Deadlift - 205kg
    Front squat - 125kg
    Back squat - 185kg (to parallel), 150kg (deep)
    Bench press - 120kg

    I very rarely manage to do any over head lifts, since the ceilings in my gym are so low!

    Spent a lot of this winter trying to get fitter, leaner and meaner, so lots of running hills, jumps etc. As you can see from my lifts, I'm not really strong enough to carry much excess weight! :P