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    There's the problem. I believe that the CIF/ officials believe the "competition" to be from the time of the first thrower's first throw until the last thrower's last throw, meaning that the use of electronic equipment would still be prohibited even after an athlete has thrown and is waiting for his next throw. I would err on the side of caution, it isn't worth getting DQ'ed to watch a video. In high school I competed in the CIF-SS and won a divisional title in the discus, and i got to know some of the officials. I don't wanna speak on it too much, but they aren't exactly the most... lenient. I also go to college in the southland, and the college officials are also not what I would call "lenient".

    Wow thats interesting that alot of people like the UCS Orange Flyer. I bought one and it was super slippery and I never seemed to be able to get a good grip on it. The plate material seemed odd. Also, the discus they sold me was too small for competition meets. it got impounded at every meet I took it too. Im not sure why I never complained about that to UCS. oh well. My favorite discus would probably be the Pacer Orange Godina series. The plates seem like plastic, but they are really sticky. The edge is also one of the sharpest I have seen on a discus. that discus was magical, man. close second would probably be my original denfi that they dont make anymore. I bought the new yellow denfi discus, i will see how it compares to the old one and report back.

    Great stuff. I tried the Bondarchuk system for my pre-season and early season of my senior year before going back to a more general lifting program. I like the principal of specific strength but at the time I felt that my general/global strength was too weak, and that I would be better served doing heavier work in the weight room. It would be interesting to see what a hybrid specific strength/general heavy strength program would do for a thrower. Learning Bondarchuk's systems is something that i've wanted to do for awhile. Thanks again for posting this!!!