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    Since we are talking about the bench press I have a question. When I was throwing in college, there were 2 of us at similar strength levels. I was a 1-5 rep max athlete. The other thrower was a 10 rep max athlete, so his best max out was at 10 reps. I grew up lifting low reps and high weight. The other thrower did higher reps lower weight. My questions is how do you measure tendon strength in an athlete or is there a difference? I always assumed, do to using heavy weights alot, my tendons may have been able to handle the heavier weights. I benched 465 lbs. at my best, but I could drive 500 within 4 inches of lockout but couldn't get it.

    Why do they keep talking about only sending 2 male shot putters from the U.S. I thought the IAAF rule was that reigning world champ in the event got a spot at world's if they competed in there national meet and that country would be allowed a total of three spots in that event. World champ as 1 spot and then 2 others would be eligible if they hit the qualifying mark.

    I for one really enjoyed the net and actually, we threw into a tarp. I can still remember the sound it made when you really caught a nice throw. I have also seen people use 2x6 boards bolted together with a few layers of old carpet between them. Put an old matress below it in the garage and you can throw outdoor implements into it.

    After watching some of the European rotational throwers, I am noticing they are rotating through the ball with the hip more than getting a big lift. A little more discus in the throw which is a little different from the US guys. Is anyone else noticing this? I have found in my coaching it is easier to be consistant in this method but you will miss the big throws where an athlete makes a big jump in distance.