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    Biggest weakness right now is prob the max numbers in the gym. You don't see many guys throw 20.60m who can't bench 200kg so we still have some room to move there.

    Technical model, no one particular thrower. Hoffa and Whiting are watched but they are thrown in with Newton's Laws.

    I am Tom's S and C coach and overall planner of where things fit together.

    We are very aware that his strength levels are not on the same level as the top throwers but they are tracking up over time so as long as we are making progress in that area then that is a plus. I am also very aware that the biggest strongest guy won't throw the furtherest but fully aware at the same time there are probably minimum standards you need to hit in the gym if you want to compete on the world stage. For example Tom hits around 200kg on the bench press but clearly this needs to improve further.

    FYI, Stevenson is retired and is playing Rugby now.