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    I once played football and threw I gave up football. While in high school I was asked to join the wrestling team but was afraid was going to get hurt so I turned them down. When my track coach asked me to run in the sprints I said okay. When I ran my first race I pulled my left hamstring. It is hard but if you want to be the best you can, you must focus 100% on one thing, this doesn't mean never have fun. Though if you have fun make sure it is safe even a pick up game of basketball can mess up your ankle.

    The odd thing about the NCAA is their location in Div I, II football championship moves different locations.In Div III football it is the same location. In swimming all Divs they move the locations. With basketball in all divs they use the whole country till the final four. in Div II and III of track and field they move all around the country from California and Texas to Ohio and Nebraska. The NCAA track for Div I is an odd choice because you can't tell me that New York or LA could not host the championship. I do think Nike has been the curse and hero of track and unless the NCAA or the USITF start putting Nike in their place, Nike will remain the king of track in the USA

    I own the Nike SD i very much enjoy them but I only use them for Gliding and sometimes indoor weight. If you throw discus you might want to check out the Saucony Sd it is really fast show but has good grip for those rainy days. I wear both the Saucony and Nike and I can tell you that they really compliment each other well.