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    coming from a sneaker head that loves to throw, ebay has it on lock. there are a few web sites that are foreign that charge an arm and a leg for them. if your serious about your kicks and are willing to pay up to 200 bucks for your shoes there is a way. I once found a polish website with the obsidian rotational 4s but couldnt get them sent directly sent to the USA :( but there is always hope. Ross can have a pair or two in store too!

    you really cant go wrong with either one. I have always used rotationals special for shot and disc. Although in my personal opinion there probably not the best designed for discus the previous models are. the rotational 4 or 3 are awesome! but the new design is made so that even beginners or intermediate rotate on the ball of there foot instead of the outside of them. if you wanted disc only shoes id look at saucony unleashed as well its pretty much made for discus and shot specific, not really hammer. if you did want to go with any later models id go with ebay they always have random stuff like older shoes and implements. so personal opinion as a sneaker head zoom rotational 3 best throwing shoe ive ever had for disc and shot combo but hammer and disc combo ill go with rotational 5 its easier to transition from heel to toe and it still has some what of a bum towards the front, but if its your first pair of throwing shoes be warned you will fall on your butt if you try and gun it in the rotationals because the rubber is so fast