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    When did @Tom Walsh last compete?

    Hi guys

    I didn't throw in Paris because I am on my last heavy week of training before i start to freshen up for Comm Games
    I have the Glasgow DL which is on 11th July then a comp in the Czech Rep on the 16th then the big day on the 28th!

    Also, at the mo I don't believe in turning up when you're half cocked just to fill you're the back pocket. But at the same time I know that some of the other throws need to and aren't as lucky as I am with support!

    My last comp was at Eugene on the 30th May.

    @Tom Walsh how did you feel about the NZ Championships?

    I felt a wee bit buggered for the month of travel but was in good enough to throw the distances need to win! At the end of the day that's why I went to NZ Nationals, to win . I would have been happy to throw 21m again but all wanted to do is win!

    @Tom Walsh So, where do you keep your WC medal?

    I don't know where my WC medal is at the mo' ! Ha, I better have a look for it tho' !

    Congratulations @Tom Walsh
    People said Jacko was quite slow, do you think he will be able to improve until the Commonwealth Games?

    He wasn't as fast as what he has been in the past mate! But I'm sure he can turn it around. He has a good support team around him now that can point him in the right direction. Well, I hope he does as it would be good to have two kiwis in the medals for shot!

    @Ali Mohammadian
    The final weights session isn't anything special.

    iI work at about 80% in the cleans 3x2

    Incline Dumbbell bench:
    - 1 set at 80% a wee bit strength based
    - 1 set at 40% for speed (super Set)
    - do that 3x3

    Back Squats working about 80% 3x3 super set with Box jumps for speed

    That season is to keep some tightness in the body but at the same time not get tired from it. The speed stuff is in there to keep me explosive as that is why I am good. Coz of my speed in the circle not the strength.

    Hope that helps mate.

    i think its more important how fast u move the weight not how much is on the bar. you do need base strength to be good at shot maybe 170kg and above. but i would say 85% of the people that throw over 20m would have 190kg bench press. but then it depends what type of thrower u are strength base or speed base as i am more towards speed so thats how i get away with it
    i think i was bench 180kg maybe 185kg when i 1st threw 20m

    Mate, there was a lot going through my head at the time. I was nervous, but when into the circle very confident as I had been throwing very well in training. I had some big warm-up throws in both qualifying and in the final. So for both of the throws I went into the circle and went through my normal q worlds and then said, "You have nothing to lose and everything to gain." I had a 21m throw in the 1st round of the final so I new it was there.
    I have done a lot of work with a sport psychologist; which has help me massively.

    My last session in the gym was Monday morning

    I talk to my andrew once a week via email or skype and Ian just via email.

    re Brain Oldfield's comment I only throw a standing throw only about 14.50-15m so it is not big at all.

    No, Val lives down the the bottom of the hill in Biel

    No, I don't have anymore comps planned in Europe as I leave on Monday morning back to Melbourne to get ready for the Melbourne World Challenge Meeting. I am training with Scott Martin and Damien Birkenhead for 2 weeks while I'm there. Then back to NZ for our Nationals

    Yes, here is the website of the beer we had at JP house

    Home - Brasserie BFM SA, Saignelégier, Jura, Suisse, Europe

    but the best beer of it all is

    Yes, I do get drug tested alot. I have been tested 2 times this year already, and yes they have and can come and test me in Europe if they want to.

    Hi Guys

    I am staying at the Swiss Olympic training base in Magglingen. It is my 2nd time here as I came last June/July [2013]. It has everything we need gym and a huge indoor stadium where there is a indoor track, and we can throw shot here, which is very important.

    Haven't added anything to my workout of late, it's more been takin' stuff out, as I'm freshing up for World indoors but it has been good to be here training with Val and JP.

    I leave for indoors on the 4th March. Very early start. I think I have to get up at 5am to get train to Zurich and then flight to Sopot Poland.

    I'm not sure where I am training [in Sopot]. That has all been sorted out by the team manager.

    No, I'm not competing before Worlds.

    Yes, I am using the weight room in Switzerland. But at the moment my weights are alot lighter and faster.

    No, I didn't travel with Val. I arrived in Zürich on Monday morning at 7am and she arrived at about 3pm.

    I have not heard anything re the circle in Sopot.

    There is a dinner hall that is attached to the accommodation part of the base so I eat there. There is alot of pasta and rice but not alot of meat so I might be losing some weight; but apart for that all the food is very eatable here.

    Yes, I am a beer drinker, but am blanking with name of beer. I am going to JP's house tomorrow night and he as a very nice beer that he gave me last time so I will try and remember the name of it for you.

    I'm going to world indoor, then back for the Melbourne World Challenge meeting, then our Nationals at the end of March where me and Jacko should meet.

    Yes Comm Games is the big one this year, so i will be in Europe for about 2 months before it! Competing and training.

    Yes, I cook all my own food. I try to cook stuff I can reheat as when I get home later after training and work so it's fast and easy.

    No, I don't have a girlfriend.

    Yes, I think we should get a new flag. I think it should be the silver fern with a black back ground.

    thanks again for waiting

    1)regards to the video its only in slow mo

    2)I hope to compete against Damien 2 weeks before indoors

    3) My Pb in the gym are Bench 195kg
    Power Cleans 160kg

    4) How do i adjust my training and eating around work?
    well i work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7am to 5pm i do stretching and rehab in the mornings before work or training. i lift on sunday Avo, Monday after work, Wednesday after work and then a technique Olympic Lifting session thursday morning. Have Tuesday off and throw thursday avo 2 times on friday 1 time on saturday and sunday.

    so i train once on the days i work and 2 times on the days i don't.

    when i first starting building sometimes i would get to training and be stuffed. So there was no point in training. but after a few months of building i have gotten use to the loads that work puts on me.

    It does take a wee bit off training but when i freshen up i have a huge jump, eg i get 2m in shot

    food - i just try and eat as much protein as i can, weather it be for supplements or food.
    i have 5 easting seaons a day. i call them season as i will be eating from 15-30m each sitting to keep my weight on.

    Hi Guys

    1st of all I would like to thank every one that as read the article and Norm for his hard work writing it.
    i will answer all your question on thursday night my time as i am very busy with work and training up until then.

    Thanks Tom Walsh