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    @Sam Healy To me Jacko's technique looks somewhat slower and less smooth than he has looked in previous years. I think he may be sacrificing some speed in the ring for strength and size. My guess is that eventually he will regain some of the speed he had and throw even further. Also, he probably hasn't fully peaked yet so we could see a huge 21+ throw from him at the Commonwealth games!

    Hey Everyone!

    I recently heard about Jacko Gill's 20.70m PB. Today I found a video of that throw on YouTube that I don't think many people have seen yet.

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    Sam Healy I do quite a bit of quantity throughout a given week. I'll do both a shot and discus session 5 days a week. A session for me usually consists of 6 stand throws, 6 half turns, 6 SA and 20-40 full throws. In addition to that I do a lot of drills in the circle without the implement. A lot of throwers would consider this too much quantity but to get my technique where I want it, I find this is just the right amount.

    Hey @Sam Healy !

    In one word, yes. But things are a little different with the rotational shot put. Because of the way the throwing arm is bend during shot put, you can only create stretch in the back and not the chest. But it's definitely still something you want to focus on. Creating the stretch and keeping the throwing arm back in shot put will also create extra distance to speed up the implement upon delivery. You won't get the same whip-lash at the end of the throw with shot put because it's so much heavier, but the extra room at the end of the throw will create the potential for much further throws.

    Hope this helps!

    Hey everyone!

    I've always thought that young shot putters could really benefit from learning the rotational technique early on. I'm a young thrower myself and the spin has helped me throw a lot further. I'm right now ranked in the top 20 for shot put worldwide. When I first started throwing though, I couldn't find a method of learning the spin so I had to figure it out on my own. I think that's something that the throwing world is lacking. A simple, easy way for young shot putters to learn the rotation. I've recently written an eBook that does just that, with written lessons and videos. I think it's a lot easier for an inexperienced thrower to relate to someone who's young and was just like them not long ago. Tell me what you think! You can find out all about it at this link:

    I'd really appricete some feedback on this. Thank guys! :)