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    Hello Throwers and Coaches. I wanted to make anyone interested aware of 2 auctions that I have going for some zoom Zoom Rotational Shoes and Nike Elite Javelin Shoes. Both Pair Brand New and never used, Nike Prototypes from 2014. If you are a member on Throwholics,contact me directly if interested at

    Nike Zoom Rotational 5 Elite Throwing Shoe Sold by USA Olympian Size 13 New | eBay
    Nike Zoom Javelin Elite Throwing Spikes Sold by USA Olympian Size 13 New | eBay

    Thanks! That's what I thought from viewing the soles online, but wasn't positive and I haven't had a chance to hold the shoes side by side in person yet. I usually wear the soles out long before the uppers, so the Rival version might be a good option for least for practice.

    Thanks again, I appreciate the help.

    the zoom rivall sd was created to challenge the market forr more affordable and basic throwing shoes. Primary difference is that the zoom rival SD has NO plate in the toe box of the shoe. Where the SD and rotational have it as a staple...the sole material on the rival is thicker and will likely last longer but will be "slower"...very good shoe though!

    i think that [articledefinition=2]Schult[/articledefinition] was using fixed feet even before he was reversing. I know there is footage of the first world championships 1983 and him throwing with fixed feet then. I like using fixed feet for bout 50% of full training throws as I lead to the season, sometime 70%. then I typically use it a bit less, maybe 30% in the season. In college my best throws ever warming up and practice all came from fixed feet. I've always been good at it but have never competed that way. maybe one day!

    Hi Dirk, Just realized that this was here. I will update you on my current form and progress. I had my first meet scheduled for march 22 but had to pass due to slight adductor issue.. Started my season april 5 and threw 63.75m and competed again on april 12 and threw 64.36m. i was planning for 2 competitions april 30th and May 3rd but the first has been cancelled. So I will report back after the may 3rd competiton. I feel that my condition is ready for 66m but I have been a bit passive with some motions... I need to get the distance so that I can compete in Europe. Thanks for your interest!

    Shoes, tops (usually 3-4 choices), bottoms, long drifit shorts, short shorts, long tights, short tights, track pants...: do have to say personally, the USA team drifit T is better than the race kit T. Fits better! Better material

    You must wear shoes and top for non nike logos.

    I'm not saying you should.. I'm just saying that they don't pay everybody to wear it! Many people assume that. I do have to tell you that there are multiple uniforms types that you can wear. It can be as comfortable as shorts and a tshirt if you like. It just has to be the raceday kit. I have prefered to throw in the shorts or track pants msot fo my career. I prefer a loose feeling around the crotch! Usually Reese does the shorts....

    I remember Adam Nelson talking about how much gear Reese wears when he throws! Never realized it until that moment but its true. I actually think we were watching this clip when the discussion came up. I think Adam proposed that everything on the ground was gear belonging to Reese. Talk about comfort!

    Oh, and Jay...I don't care about free, brother. I'd rather be comfortable. And comfort for me isn't wearing the 'ninja-suit'...although ninjas are spiffy aren't they

    Hi Norm. Yes, shoes are the same...what's funny is that we get the kits around this time of year. They are usually made available before Penn and Drake Relays for television. I have a drawn blueprint of what the new uniform will be like and colors.

    We will typically get all shoes and sometimes there will be multiple per year. I really don't think there is much organization to this besides the timing. In 2012 I got three different color schemes of shoes and a couple prototypes of different soles and things they were testing. I have a set of custom shoes and that can be done but usually takes a bit.

    One interesting thing that was learned is that different mixtures of color in the soles will yield a different grip, wear duration and wear type on shoe soles. This also may be the reason that the general public doesn't get all the options. The blue Nike throwing shoes with blue soles wear smooth but are highly susceptible to chipping. The application of color can essentially change the way a sole functions...

    The vests and uniform that you see are the Nike elite competition race kits. Each sponsor has a race day kit for it's elite athletes. This is done for the purpose of advertising the brand on television. It seems quite silly that the consumer can't purchase this gear but you can not. Some of the shoes that go with the uniforms make it to the mainstream market but that is it. Many of the ones they send us as a protoype or as a match for our uniforms never are available to the general public. Sorry

    I have experimented with this grip s bit. A few notes:
    - lever is shortened a bit (likely not significant)
    - control while moving is increased
    - likely transfer more energy
    - transfer into spinning action is less smooth.

    Reading from the Facebook group post, some are attributing Okoye's ability to do this to him being a world class athlete, and it being a mistake...I DO NOT BUY INTO THIS. He may have had issues holding and spinning the discus and found this a better solution to apply force. He obviously shortens the lever a bit but there are so many ways other than this to shorten the lever. Lawrence is a great athlete, as are all world class throwers, but I consider him very technically solid as well.

    Hi Norm, its true! if you have a wonderful season you could make a good amount but the difference can me huge between the have and have nots.our shottputers have done well from time to time but that is with competing at a lot of top compeitions to make money. the runners are generally paid much more as a base. throwers do not get much money on base contracts, most money is earned competing or as bonuses.

    right now the diamond league has simply dissolved the 2nd tier meets so they have a monopoly per se. the top winnings for diamond league comp are 10k per meetin!g and there are 6-7 competitions per throwing event. the worlds top throwers usually show up. so if Harting, kanter, malachowski get top3 the winnings go accordingly to them
    10k, 8k, 6k. adam nelson talked about this. even if you average 3rd place amongst the top throwers in the Diamond league series. you can bring 36k for that, usa nationals has been worth 3-5k generally for the winner.if you have a shoe sponsor there are bonuses and if you medal the same. a medalist can make over 100k but has to work hard to bring that home.

    in my best season, i cleared 75k of track and field earnings from all sources. BEFORE TAXES. threw near 70m, 15 throws over 65m, had diamond league points, top usa ranking, 2nd at usa national, world cup. threw well in europe. the relaity is that the diamond league is not great for usa throwers, outside of those whove already medalled. many of our usa champions outside of shotput will be luck to bring in 25k including sponsor and grants given by USATF Foundation etc. every season since 2010 ive made less significantly.

    You see distance runners that have never seen a championship being signed for big base contracts. they will routinely sign a contract for gauranteed money at 150k from college with good timing. i know plenty of runners and sprinters who arent making teams that get 90k base. my biggest base has been 8k. As of Today i have zero base money, but i am happy that Nike has allowed me to maintain bonus ability. without that, the earnings would be much much less.

    To put a number on it, as a top thrower you could make around 300k if you won every meet, won majors, set alot of meet records in the process, had a personal best during the season, set a world record, and on and on. there have been exceptions but even harting is not making as much as he is worth. Ger kanter likely caught a good period, being at the end of the golden league era at his peak, at that time throwers and all athletes got good appearnce fees. now they are saving all the appearnce fee for Usain bolt.promoters dont even care if the throws are in the stadiums anymore

    also keep in mind, sports agents which you must have to get any comps, will charge up to 20% for winnings and bonuses. so average 3rd place in the diamond league, you make 42k after 7 meets, then pay your agent and drop to 34k, then taxes for america you drop to 25k. say you are also bronze at the olympics add another 12k after taxes and agent fees. so now your at 37k, maybe a 20k base contract bonus is added. but subtract fees and add another 12k. so now we are at 49k.

    there are other bonuses that are available but those are the biggest. also when we filled out for track and field related income in those surveys, it takes into account grants. you see generally, unless a thrower has a medal, or has been set up by USOC, they hold a full time job!

    in addition, this is sad but the women competitors just as in most "occupations"will make less base than the men. When we see the top athletes from non state sponsored countries competing frequently outside of the championships, it is due to the need to earn money. in a state sponsored environment, the government is taking care of your needs and training needs. i know for fact that some of the top world throwers who have state backing will have over 100k budget per year for their training, travelling, etc.
    there is a big differnce when you training, camps, nutrition, housing, childrens daycare etc comes from your own bank account. as throwers we are just like regular guys, olympians, medalists or not!

    I remember watching Storl for the first time in 2010 at the train station competition i Zurich. That day he was surely throwing near 20m from the stand throw. At the time he finished officially at 20.08, but it was obvious that he was a force to be reckoned in the near future.

    I was quite impresses initially with his levels of fitness. Power, coordination, and even aesthetically.

    Nike has been working to get us lined up with matching uniforms and shoes. I think it is more difficult for them but so far its been decently ssuccessful. We as athletes run through the prototypes. I know they are experimenting with different materials and colors, which for soles the combo actually makes a big difference for grip and wear.

    Word of Wisdom from Steve Backley

    "The common perception of top sports people is that they have to make huge sacrifices to reach the top. But if you're in pursuit of your dreams, there aren't any sacrifices, because you're doing exactly what you want to do"

    If your mates are going down the pub on a Friday night but you have to have an early night because you've got to be down the track early on Saturday morning, that's not a sacrifice.
    I certainly never felt I was making a sacrifice, because I was doing exactly what I wanted to do.
    And if there ever comes a point when you want to go down the pub, go down the pub - because if you resent what you're doing, then you're never going to have enough enthusiasm to do what you're meant to be doing anyway.

    Norm, I think that this can be done well. I think as athletes we tend to think about things from a limited perspective. I know Anthony Washington was able to throw, have a full time job, and several kids. I think family makes you realize what you need to do vs. What is nice to do.

    I know many throwers that used family as an excuse for quitting the sport, then proceeded to get involved in a coaching career. The coaching career generally called for more travel, more hours away from home, but provides them with more comfort and stability, I've spent anywhere from 10-25 hours per week training, depending on work....usually I threw better when training with high quality and short sessions.

    i agree with Sean Denard. when i was in college i competed at outdoor ncaa at 4 different locations, vastly different. during the time i competed as a collegian, there where 5 different locations. right now it seems that you can only compete at maybe 2 locations. Im glad to see that USATF is attempting Sacramento again. the Olympic trials went well there i has almost been ten years!

    i still fell Eugene is hands down the best place to compete. When you hear the students responds to the location, its surely slowly becoming stale for them.

    Dirk, that's a great idea!

    It isn't below zero Fahrenheit in lubbockLubbock, Texas today. Had a bit of a cool front move in, so at the start of training it is 14 Fahrenheit/ -10celsius this morning. I feel quite lucky though. There is very little wind and no precipitation.... beautiful!

    Training gear:
    1 Pair Snowboarding socks
    2 pairs long tight
    sweat pants for warmup
    1 Short sleeve
    1 longsleeve
    sweat jacket for warmup
    ear and mouth cover
    bunch of caffeine

    lets have a blast!

    Good luck to those up north!

    I fully agree with circumstantial reasons to throw into a net. i never miss training unless outside there is a a death threat lol. l just think that for folks who have the facility to do so, circumstances always tend to favor the inside during winter and if there is no open space, they favor the net. In college i found all types of excuses during winter to throw inside. (Different frame of mind, same location)
    1. Cold = default to net
    2. Wind = default
    3. Rain = default
    4. Tired from lifting
    5. Lazydon't want to prep =default
    6. Stiff don't want to warm extra = default
    7. Friday and recruits in town/im hosting/time saver = default

    i think we must be careful. If the temp is negative and you cant find your implement in the snow, then of course lets go inside. Use the open areas first. Use the net as a last resort. Ive found that many of use it more often than not for comfort and convienence.

    Harting is a reigning champion of everything for a reason!