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    Why should swimming be dangerous? everything depends on the way, you do it. if its possible, i use swimming in the first weeks each year once or twice a week for basic endurance. it´s better then running all the time. the athletes are swimming in such a session between 1,2km and 1,5km. Later, when you are in your strength- or throwing training, you should use swimming more like bathing. Swim a bit for relaxing muscles.
    in competition phase i don´t use swimming in my plans - because it makes muscles a bit tired and soft. the athlete too...

    throwing into a net is sometimes necessary - not because of the weather. the athlete can focus much more on technique/rhythm without trying to go far every throw. for me as a coach is easier to change some technical mistakes when we go into then net

    for a quick analysis at the ring or gym i´m using Coach´s Eye in training too. just to see whats wrong at this special training session. when i´m gonna do it real and see the progress in training i´m going to use DartFish. it´s much more expensive than Coach´s Eye - but it is more powerful. and you can store all the videos on your computer. the space on an iphone or iPad is to limited for a bigger group over a whole season.
    i would like to use coach´s eye more often, if there is a way to synchronize the videos, tags, etc. of my ipad and my iphone plus a app for my mac to do better and deeper analysis with all of my athletes.

    We have many football players that drop out of the game and throw

    thats the point. what are your needs as a football player? Power and speed - the same like a thrower. this is one reason, why in the US are a lot of 20m+ throwers. you got a lot of fast and strong big guys, knowing how to move their bodies. you just need to teach them the technique. (it sounds easy - for real it´s a bit more - but just to get the point)
    in germany we don´t have such a good functioning college system with a lot of sports. we need to seek and choose our talents often otherwise and earlier. if we got a few, we try to bring them to world class and hoping, we´re not losing them to football, basketball or their apprenticeship, etc.

    okay, it seems, that we had some good years... ;)

    ...and hopefully, we got some more...

    but calling germany as center? Maybe as one of it. there are a lot of countries, who got real good throwers over the last years. Like the US in shot-put or russia in hammer. but more and more countries are fighting for medals in the throws...

    @Phil Bilkins "In the States we don't have a view into how this happens." - it´s funny, you say that. i always wonder, how the US got so much throwers over 20m or 21m. maybe because of the size of the country or because of the big numbers of colleges doing athletics on a high level.

    not yet. I don't know, if we do some competitions this winter - it depends on how the training is going. but I think, we will maybe open this year at the "Diskus-Cup" in Wiesbaden or one of the diamond league meets and - for sure - our home meet, the "Hallesche Werfertage"

    i don´t think, i need to comment on technique on this throw. it´s just the first full throw after a very long time of no throwing (since 6th september 2013, i think). it´s looking better than the last years first throws...

    let´s see, what we can do with this good start until august.