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    Jim, I know she receives bonus' for medals and placing from her Gov't. Her federation sponsors her to some extent to come here and train and I think maybe she gets some help from the Gov't. For the 2012 Olympics she was sponsored by an athletic trust fund set up by the Mittal Steel corporation but after the Olympics it shut down. I think after a Silver at the Common Wealth games and a Gold at the Asian games she might have a little more pull, or at least I hope!

    Well, she is kind of strapped by her Federation, and they don't give out a lot of information, so I don't think she is going to come and stay for six months, I think she will come and do a couple of 4-6 week camps. When she left for the Asian games she said she would be back before the first of the year so I am expecting a winter camp and then a spring camp in April or May. I hope more because it's not just good for her but also for Rutger just to have a training partner.

    Seema wins Asian Games Gold with a throw of 61.03, it was not quite as far as we had wanted because she had some great training throws her last few days here in California but Gold is Gold!

    Well, Seema is back in Southern California for a 5 week camp in preparation for the Asian Games. She took a week off after her Silver medal performance at the Common Wealth Games and now we are starting back at it and looking for some more hardware. We have about 6 weeks before the competition so we will do a 2 week loading phase, right now we are throwing 5 days a week with high school size 1.75, 1.5, and 1.25 disc's and lifting 2 days a week with a pretty good load in there also. In two weeks we will go to the women's disc but still throw over weight 1.5, 1.25, and 1K, also get some 2 a day practices in and at that point we will increase the intensity in the weight room. The final two weeks we will pick up the speed throwing 1.25, 1. And .75 disc's and do nothing but speed work in the weight room, 50% or less snatch! clean! jerks! jumps and throws! Looking for Gold and new PRs, let's go!

    Jackson, her Federation wanted her to come back for a meet, which she didn't even throw in, so she was supposed to be here training in California for 6-8 weeks but she had to go back after three and a half. I think the other 3-4 weeks of training here with Rutger would/could have helped. Just for the weather alone, it has been over 100 degrees just about everyday where she lives. Here in Newport it's a breezy 75 everyday, and like I said let alone the great training partner.

    I do have my high school athlete's throw both shot and discus in the same practice but we only throw once a day. Rutger has had practice's were we have thrown both shot and discus, but most of the time we threw one implement in the morning practice and the other in the afternoon practice. Rutger is only throwing the discus for the 2015 season.

    Norm's answer is about exactly what I am doing with Rutger and Seema, we take 20-25 throws twice a day, one of the sessions is more technique based and the other more throws of 100%. We go three days of throwing then off for a day then two days of throwing and one off. Obviously the lifting load is taken into consideration on the number and intensity of throws.

    I think it will be tough to beat Dani, she's been pretty consistent this season, but that's why they have the competition! Seema had a good camp here in California, her strength and fitness levels are way up and if she elevates the discus she is very capable of a big throw.

    Those videos are from 2006, we are not at that stage of recovery yet but we are moving along very nicely and I'm very happy with our progression! It is very doubtful that we will be in competition shape this year, it looks to me like we could be taking full throws by the end of spring. Our plan is to be ready for competition next year, maybe Mt SAC as an opener, we want to insure full recovery and are in no hurry.

    Sandy, I coached two of my daughters, Maryn threw for me but was a much better weightlifter, at 63 kilos she snatched 80K and C&J 100k. My other daughter Katelyn was a discus thrower for me in H.S. She had a best of 148' she went on to Long Beach State and made NCAAs with a throw of 174', she is now the throws coach at the University of California in Irvine. Same problem as Bill since the mid 90s every girl that looks like a thrower plays volleyball! My top girls list is made up of mostly girls that look like weight lifters! 5'5" and under, the Heads sisters were both 5'2"
    47'5" - Gina Heads / National Junior Champion and Record holder in both Snatch and C@J at the time
    41'11.5" - Leslee Briggs
    40'6" - Cara Heads / 2000 Olympian weightlifting / 9 time Senior National Champion
    38'9" - Laura Wilson
    38'1" - Lia Rousset
    37'2.75" - Maryn Ciarelli

    149'5" - Cara Heads
    148'5" - Katelyn Ciarelli
    147'5" - Alana Faagai
    146'1" - Gina Heads
    136'0" - Maryn Ciarelli

    Since Bill put up his top 10 Discus list, I figure I should put mine up also. We have been competing against each other for about 30 years, our schools are about 15 miles from each other.
    for the non Americans we throw a 1.6 kilo discus in high school in the U.S.
    65.20 (213'11") Scott Moser
    65.10 (213'7") Bo Taylor
    63.90 (209'8") Ethan Cochran
    59.71 (195'11") Sam Lightbody
    58.36 (191'6") Brian Ruziecki
    58.01 (190'4") Marty Taylor
    57.22 (187'9") Cecil Whiteside
    56.74 (186'2") Kaleaph Carter
    56.41 (185'1") Steve Michaelsen
    55.77 (183'0") Eki Faagai

    Wu Tao , I coached all of the throwers on the list after 1990, I competed against Terry Allbriton and Jim Neidhart in high school, Jim Hemsley was the coach of the top four guys on the list and started the great tradition that we now have at Newport. Terry, Jim and myself all ended up at the University of Hawaii together, I was a javelin thrower by then, Terry ended up breaking the World shot record and Jim became the "Anvil" as a pro wrestler.

    @Rutger Smith is training with us at Newport and soon Seema Antil Punia will return from India to train with us also, I coached Seema for 2012 London Games. Seema is getting ready for the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games. With @Rutger Smith we are just seeing how his ankle heals, but our plan is to just get ready for 2015 season.

    I live in a warm weather area and we have been throwing for six weeks now and we have not taken one throw that wasn't into a net or a wall. We get more reps, much more concentration on technique. We will probably start throwing out of the ring next week, our first meet is in three weeks.

    We use the barbell all the time, on the shoulders and overhead. We do left foot pivot drills, right foot pivot drills and full movements to the power position, also with the gliders. We also use weighted vests, "Gar Nal granite stone rings, 20lb and 35lb, the throwers where them around their neck, also foot and ankle weights and the VS rotational belt. All ways to increase stress and load to the specific throws motion.

    Rutger @Smithy threw both shot and discus last year. Depending on how Rutger was feeling and the cycle we were on dictated how much time we spent on each event. But in general early in the year we threw each event every day in a split workout, discus in the morning and shot in the afternoon. As we got into the season we would work more on the event he was going to do in any particular meet that was coming up, he did not do both events in any meets we went to. We were waiting for Worlds to do both events but as you know he got hurt in Shanghai at the end of June and that was that.