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    Stam's goals are pretty specific and she is on the right track for them; a 3rd California State Championship in the shot, a 2nd USAF Jr's Championship, and a good performance at Jr Worlds. As Dirk noted, none of them are in February. We backed off just a little bit the past two weeks for this meet, and will do so for Indoor New Balance. She'll be back in the weightroom hitting it hard Monday.

    I was very lucky to have Tom Tellez as my college coach, one of the Giants in our sport. He believed that the most specific form of training for field events was competition, and peaking is determined by mental factors and training regiments. He also believed you face competition when possible, and Simplot was excellent for that, with both Stam and Ashlie throwing pr's.

    1.) I am Kent Pagel, and my wife is Ramona Pagel. We do throws....
    2.) I'm not sure throw is the right word, more like played with the shot. She wasn't feeling very well when we got to Simi Valley that morning and couldn't take a full warm-up. It was a rough week of finals and not much sleep or appetite. She improved through the day and had a pretty good discus for how she felt. She did throw 50'8" in shot and 160'7" in discus. She finished off a half pound bacon cheeseburger at Red's BBQ afterwards so the world was returning to normal again. Westmont College California Indoor Qualifier this Saturday.

    This is the other reason indoor may not last too long this year. Stam's discus is looking very good and she has solid goals there as well. Yesterday at Simi Valley All-Comers meet (yes, it was 75 degrees in Southern California)

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