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    It's been almost two years since we've seen the mighty Dutchman Rutger Smith in the competition circle. The 33-year-old winner of twenty-seven national titles in shot put and discus throw has shown in mental fitness. He also won no less than najor seven medals at European and World Championships. In 2013, however, he tore his Achilles tendon twice, resulting in a long rehabilitation schedule. 2015 will be the year of his comeback. We asked an eager Rutger Smith a couple of questions.

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    As @ShaunP said: 'the highest load you can move 5 reps in 6 seconds is a pretty good indicator of power'. Nothing more as an good indicator of power if you measure with a stop watch. Without a device who measures speed and distance you cannot say a lot about the power output.

    The bar didn't travel the same distance. One thrower has shorter arms as the other one. I've seen your freshmen the other day, probably he has the longest arm span of your throwers. So comparing times with different throwers doesn't say alot. That they stayed in 'the 6 seconds rule', says they produced a good amount of power today. Which is good.
    You can use the times individually. See if they improve the next couple of weeks. Stick to the same weight with that. I see you used around 50% of their 1RM. That is a good weight.

    The whole thing of getting stronger in the weight room for a thrower is getting faster with the 'light' weights. I got stronger year by year when I was younger. And my power and speed went up too. But since I went from 180kg in bench to 200kg nothing changed. The power output didn't change a lot. My optimal load went up from 100kg to 120kg over the years.

    I just found my highest Watts back the other day in bench: 100kg - 1632W / 140kg - 1485W

    In bench you don't transfer any more weights as the bar and the plates. If you do squats you change it in the device, fill in your bodyweight and the device automatically takes into account. The power output is way higher.

    I tried to search for a website but I cannot find any company anymore who sells these devices. Google on nemesis micro muscle lab (power plus). Or muscle lab in general. I just had a quick look.

    The most US throwers are stronger in the weight room. What I have seen the last 14 years. The Europeans are strong too, of course. It's simple: as I said, a big influences is that most of the European gliders are taller then the US spinners. In the weight room a disadvantage.

    And just comparing weights is nonsense. There is no difference of benching 230kg or 250kg. Doing 280kg in squat or 300kg. Its all about the power and speed what a thrower produces. In the end the shot is only 7,26kg…

    Every thrower has his/her strong point. His/her unique special ability to throw far. The guys we are talking about throw all around the 22 meters. The one has a higher release of the shot, the other has a higher speed of release.

    @Bill Pendleton No electrodes, simple measurement. Go to my website Rutger Smith | Shot put & Discus throw | - Photo 1 - scroll down a bit 26 -12 - 2008

    You can see the setup there. Easy and simple, the data you read from the little device

    @Thomas Johnson

    You just see what kind of speed and power you produce. Nothing fancy but its simple to see if you are progressing or if you are in a good shape.

    Besides that it gives you the optimal load. So the weight with which you can transfer the highest amount of Watts. For in a speed phase. For me is that with bench 120 kg

    No I will not compete in Diamond Leagues this year. As my coach said, 2015 will be a the goal.

    I had surgery twice on my achilles tendon. First time was the end of may '13 (right after it happened). But I had a little re rupture after 4,5 months in rehab. So needed surgery again. They took a strip out of my calf muscle, pulled it down and took it through my tendon. Having twice that close after each other surgery on one tendon is tough and rehab will take a bit longer (counting from the 2cd surgery).
    So I am not in a rush. My calf strength is not there yet. Working on that. My quads are getting stronger and stronger again. My upperbody is 'ready'. But have to be patient. As a thrower throws with his feet, legs and hips rather than his upperbody.

    So we haven't put any goals. Which I like… Because I need no pressure in this stage and have a whole year to come back. The whole rehab has to go good. A third surgery is no option…!

    @Sam Fillious :

    When I threw for the first time over 20 meter (20.39m, Hengelo 2002) I had a bench of 165kg/365lbs.
    When I hit my personal best of 21.62m (2006) I had a bench of 190kg/418lbs that year.
    In december 2011 I pressed 200kg/440lbs. That is my bench pb. Last year (2013) I pressed 190. So not really impressive numbers.
    Most impressive bench press I had is the speed I developed with 100kg/220lbs. I pressed over 1600Watts (1602 exactly). 120kg/264lbs around 1400Watts. 140kg/308lbs around 1200Watts.

    As I said above. A shot putter needs a certain 'base' strength for a 21-22 meter throw. I think for bench it is around 180-190kg. Key thing with that strength is the speed you develop in bench and other lifts.
    In the end it is all about the speed of release in the throwing events.