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    Jason Young (born 27 May, 1981) is an US American discus thrower who competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics, finishing 19th. This article stemmed from a response to question/ conversation with Norm Zylstra on facebook.

    I'm not competing this year at all. My career thus far has been cyclical when it comes to training preparation and finances. For the last two years I've been chasing a season that never happened. Whether due to injury in 2013, or for being in great shape in 2014 and basically…

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    Mauro: What you speak about here is why we as people have a hard time to change and to grow. The issue of size and body type can be a valid one but only in a world where there are absolutes. Here are several reasons why your comments are not up to standard.

    1. I don't believe in the word "overachievers".......... what does it mean?
    2. Modern Discus throwers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Take into account some of the best in recent years Piotr Malachowski or Hadadi. They are both smaller than Jarred Rome. They both have medals..Hmmm
    3. The examples of throwers you gave are nonsensical at best.
    - Ines was champion in 1952.. Who knows if his body type could compete on today’s world stage. Distances damn sure didn't compare...... regardless, doesn’t matter, will never know
    -Babka was a big athletic thrower but not only had the sport not advanced very far then but he wasn’t even the best of his day... "A Squatty Overachiever" (your words) named Oerter was winning all those gold.
    - Ken Stadel was a phenomenal athlete and physical specimen with a best of 69.26 but wait... did he get any medals??? At that time the guys who were getting there (Powell, Wilkins) where smaller and less NFL like than he. Even a very "Squatty Overachiever" (in your words again) Art Burns was a good thrower or how about silvester?

    3. In the United States there are 300million+ people. I know, I have lived here a while, I’m sure that ALL of the good body types (whatever that means) are not playing tight end in the NFL lol. There aren’t that many teams! This is an overgeneralization.. I was a very good football player and am short for a discus thrower but with very long arms. I chose to throw discus. Guys like Ryan Crouser, Mason Finley chose to throw. We have had many very good specimens come through and they still haven’t turned out as medalists. Today,Lance Brooks is a very good specimen, Casey Malone is 6'9". We have had many big men... all big men don’t play in the NFL. I worked in NCAA basketball for a long time and can tell you that most Big athletes in basketball that are over 2m do not posses high level athleticism as a big thrower (power, weight, strength). Maybe lebron James but that’s why there is only one of him.. NFL, NBA, etc. existed in 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's. Of course we can look there and see some good athletes with potential to throw far but then why is Russia not getting discus medals?? NFL NBA water polo? Why is Netherlands not always winning discus medals?? NFL NBA?? Why is Mario Pestano not winning discus medals every event??Each country has their own set of problems. As a "SQUATTY OVERACHIEVER" myself (your words again), what could some of us do with a full sponsorship for 4 years, no job besides athletics, medical care paid for, full time physio therapist, full international competition schedule, Training camps, drugs..................................???????? These issues are not just for American but all athletes. I can speak for America because I represent it.

    4. The area I grew up in has 6million people, the state 26million people. There are sooo many big powerful athletic types that you can come and coach from my neighborhood if you like. None of them play NFL. Some are table waiters, bus drivers, criminals, drug dealers..For some reason I guess I overachieved and was able to keep that up until the elite level. PLEASE COME AND SHOW THEM SO AMERICA CAN WIN MEDALS IN DISCUS. Since I started throwing at age 16, I have never competed once and been the tallest thrower. Many times though I was one of the better ones regardless of level.

    5. The last major championship medalist for USA was Anthony Washington. He was SHORT, NOT VERY LONG ARM SPAN, lighter weight. Must have been a hell of an OVERACHIEVER (in your words) to throw 69m in the stadium in Seville. If we could have one of our best NFL bodies in his position, that throw would have been 79m instead!! lol

    6. Shot-put has flourished in the USA despite "MANY TALENTED" athletes being NFL....Hmmmmm. I don’t buy it completely. I maybe could buy it if the biggest tallest athlete always represented the medals but this is not the case. How did Christian Cantwell escape NFL, or another "Squatty Overachiever" (your words) adam neslon who was also a very good football player escape it? Maybe we should just start looking at bodies (measure height, weight,armspan) vs. doing the competitions. It would be easier, take less training time, need less officals, and make the competitions go by really fast! We could compete everday and teh winners would always be the same!!

    7. Also how did Simeon, Bucci, Martino throw far? I assume by your name you are Italian. If not, please disregard this question.

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    Being a thrower who slowly found his way to some decent performances, I feel that I am qualified to elaborate on several issues that may hold USA and other discus throwers back from medalist caliber standards. John Smith touched on a section of these issues in How the USA Adapted....... [URL:…idnt-adapt-in-the-discus/] Coach Smith hits the nail on the head with this one, but there are many other issues that…

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    A few nights ago while watching the Sochi Olympic Games, I had an epiphany. I had competed in one of these fantastic spectacles! It wasn't on ice or snow, but wow, I...did...that (#IDIDTHAT). The 2012 games in London represented the 16th year that I had thrown a discus! I remember thinking during the Olympic training camps about all the people that I had ever competed with. I remembered those who were better than me at various stages and never made it to the Olympic Games. I also remember many…