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    You thinking the right way my guy.
    1. Plan what’s you adaptin to fam. Weightroom or the implements or boff?

    2. Simalac crowd can go ages bruh weeks on weeks ssdd. 1-3 for weeks for dem “snowflakes” tho, if program ain’t calculus nahmean. Maybe look at sessions not weeks too fam.

    3. My guy if weight room is simple jack then you can go Einstein on throws fam. I knows one program goes 1 day maybe 2 weightroom and different ball each day of week.

    If weightroom all Inception then throws gotta be Titanic, gotta know what’s coming nahmean. No surprises.

    4. Simple is best my guy. Change to change just as bad as or worse than staying same. Michael Jackson paradox bruh.

    But i you gotta do you wit the data collection. dunno maybe some boomers can chime in.

    Happy Hollidays yall