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    Discussion of article Jeremy Campbell - Closing the Gap:

    After the International Paralympic Committee decided to drop the Pentathlon in 2008, Jeremy Campbell had to re-evaluate his athletic career. Campbell literally had to “throw out” some important events in his life and focus on Discus.

    His new found determination to conquer the Discus (F44), led him to check off major achievements as an athlete. Not only did he smash the Discus (F44) World Record, he is also the first Paralympic athlete to throw over 60m (196'10") with the distance of 63.46m…

    Discussion of article Dan Greaves - Making a Dream a Reality:

    Dan Greaves, fighting for the gold since his 2004 discus win in Athens, plans to break the 60m (196’ 10”) mark and beat the current record holder Jeremy Campbell with a throw of 60,05m (197' 0"). With a personal best of 59.85m (196’ 4”), this is not at all out of reach. Greaves stated, “Everyone wants to see how far they can throw, how fast you can run or how far you can jump. It's like an unknown quantity that you keep striving for to better yourself. I believe I can be a consistent 65m+…

    Discussion of article Birgit Kober Continues to Dominate F34 World Records:

    Birgit Kober has consistently improved since the 2012 Paralympics by competing as a wheelchair athlete throwing F34. At the 2012 Paralympics she dominated shot put with a new world record of 10.25m (33’62”), and another in javelin throwing 25.99m (85’25”), winning two gold medals for Germany.

    On May 15, 2013 Birgit threw at the IWAS Athletics Series in Groningen. While there she broke her shot put record with a throw of 10.40m (34’12”). At IWAS she won in shot put, discus, and javelin…