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    Javelin 2013 UK Update - Men

    As an update to my posting last week regarding the current position of the men’s javelin rankings in the UK this year, the Loughborough International competition took place and it was a very tight fought battle between some very good athletes.
    Coach David Parker once again staked his place as one of the best young Javelin coaches in the UK at present. Still only 33 his experience in the sport is phenomenal, both throwing and coaching at national levels. The…

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    UK Javelin Throwers 2013 season to date.

    Here in the UK we have seen some fantastic performances by up and coming athletes, with no fewer than six PB’s in the top 13 throwers to start the year off.

    Joe Dunderdale threw an impressive 73.01m (239' 6") in March just 2m (6' 6") short of his lifetime best. Joe is still only 20 and coached by a great UK thrower, David Parker. I believe Joe still as more in him this season and could see his PB increased if he carries on the good work he did during…

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    As a javelin enthusiast and a new member of the throwholics team I would like to begin by opening a debate.

    The lightest of the throwing events saw its golden age (post 1986 redesign) during the 1990’s. Anyone of our followers who can remember these glory days will no doubt remember the likes of Steve Backley, Raymond Hecht, Aki Parviainen not to mention the legend that is Jan Zelezny. How many of you recall that fantastic night in 1996, where Zelezny, wearing his red tights threw an…