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    Hey Thomas,

    The training plans are general right now, due to varying types of athletes that could come up I didn't want to go too far into detail without knowing what the athlete requesting my service would want.

    Some factors would be injuries, time constraints, level of experience both in the weight room and athletically, etc.

    I can shoot you an email with a phase of what I'm doing with an advanced athlete, it's not 100% complete, but it'll give you an idea.

    My idea is that someone without a coach that knows anything about strength and conditioning can still get a solid program from someone who knows what's going on.

    Another thing I'm doing is from basic, to advanced in terms of the types of exercises, jumps, workouts they will be doing.

    For example, with a beginner I would build someone up in their bench, squat, and deadlift and improving their overall strength before throwing isometric exercises at them. But again, this would all depend on the athlete asking for the program.

    Hey Rudy,

    I commented on your glide video as well, but for your glide you're very hunched over initially and you're not translating any momentum into the shot put. What I recommend doing is "sitting" over your right leg so your weight is over your right heel. This will allow your body to travel with the speed your legs are trying to generate and put all the force into the shot.

    Your spin for shot put is very, very tall. What I recommend is doing half throws so you can get uncomfortably low in the rotational PowerPosition.

    As for between the glide and the spin, I'd stick with the glide for now and maximize what you have, there's at least 2 more feet in there!

    Hello Throwholics Community!

    My name is Angus Fisher and I have begun a journey to create the best throwing tutorial webseries on YouTube. Like many of you I spend countless hours on YT sifting through poor quality videos and find little to no information. This is all good and fine when you know what is bad information, but when a younger athlete doesn't know what to do, they listen to anything!

    So I decided to make my own web series dedicating my time to short, easy to follow tutorials. I have started with discus, and will move to shot put soon!

    If anyone is interested just shoot me a comment here and I can get you the link,

    Have a good night!

    I love technology.

    I am a throws coach and have recently been trying to market myself for individual sessions and coach some of the local talent to be better both in the weight room and in the circle.

    I did get my degree in Computer Science and I would've made a website from scratch, but my friend told me about weebly and guys, this website maker is so smooth and easy, I made a relatively detailed website in only 2 hours! This is fantastic.

    I recommend anyone that wants to do specific training plans or anything like that at all to at least check it out. It's very easy.

    If anyone wants to see what I did, shoot me a PM.

    Thanks all!