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    Ive used both types of grip, and I prefer the tips grip! Contrary to what some say, the hook grip isnt so bad. For chronic early releasers, I think those people are more consistent with the hook grip. It helps bring the discus around toward the middle of the sector, in the finish. Sometimes, I throw with a hook grip during practice (when its cold out) to prevent the blister on my right fingertip from tearing open upon release of the discus. My discs flight very well whether im using the hook grip OR the tips grip. The distances are very much the same. I think its just a matter of preference.

    With 2 events Indoors and 3 events Outdoors, the biggest transition I have is from discus to shot put. Losing a foot of ring can be a bit overwhelming out the back of the ring, and your ring awareness can go out the window. In comparison to discus, shot put is much faster, tighter, and a bit more uptempo. I personally think that shot put can help discus A TON! But it doesn't quite work so much the other way around. On the other hand, I might be experiencing the ups and downs of training. Its very difficult to train in 3 events at a very high level. Dan Taylor was a great example of managing 3 events when he competed at Ohio State .

    Hey Kiddo,

    Ive never had a herniated disk before, but I have battled many many injuries thus far. My best advice... Keep Battling! Like you, I've been recovering from multiple injuries this season and sometimes you just have to roll with the blows, AND make sure not to skip out on rehabilitation. This season alone I've had 2 MRIs, and the doctors told me I tore my shoulder labrum in 3 places, along with a slight meniscus tear in my left knee, and torn cartilage on the back of the knee cap. Might be best to change the lifts up a bit. For example, instead of squats, I worked the Leg Press on Leg Day. DONT BE DISCOURAGED! There are always alternatives.. A promising season is still ahead of you! :thumbup:

    I'm a HUGE fan of Kurt Roberts and I hope he does really well this championship season. The guy brings a ton of energy and is crazy about throwing. Ive never seen a guy so optimistic in my life. Again, I hope Whiting does well too. That silver from last year may have been a bit bittersweet for him. He also did have a newborn (who's freakin adorable) last year if I'm right. Could have maybe taken away from training that year. Understandable...

    I thought Stephen Mozia was competing as well, yet he's not listed.

    I hope to be returning to Eugene this outdoor season. The facility is appealing and superior to most others, but I'd love the change of scenery AND atmosphere. Oregon offers plenty of love for both track and field athletes, but the experience is shallowed when you're exposed to just one facility.