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    Ryan is about 6'6-6'7" (I know he says he is 6'7" but have seen him with some 6'7" guys who seem to be a bit taller) Even if its 6'6" and 270lbs thats a good discus size. However I have seen him throw nice smooth 18.30M stands for shot and based on his warm-up throw at NCAA meet which was his only good throw then his elbow/hand were clearly a mess it was smooth 21M. Then watching him throw discus he could easily have been 62-63M in that meet. Again, unless he wants to come on here and enlighten us, its all a guess but based on his injuries in the past and if he wants to throw for the next decade, I would suggest maybe chasing discus makes sense. US shot is so crazy competitive and Ryan is so talented I could see consistent 65M within a year or two if that was his focus. Not that my opinion means anything, but I hope he does not decide to chase both for ego. To me, and I welcome thoughts on this, I would rather be consistent 65M in disc or maybe hit 66-67M once a year OR consistent 21.30M in shot and occasional 21.70M throw than to be 62-63M in disc and 20.50-21M in shot because I am throwing both. Ryan has the skills to throw far there is no question. If Ryan reads this, my advice is simply to find a way to throw because you love it, if you are hating it, go find a career and be the best at that. Life is too short to do things you hate, even if you are good at them.

    Ryan was talking at NCAA's about throwing just not being fun for him for a while now. He actually seemed pretty unhappy about the whole thing. Too many years, too many injuries, too many reps would be my guess and maybe its just time for a break and possibly come back revitalized. His hand and elbow were clearly a mess and based on the amount of pain he was in, I can see where he would want/need to take some real time away from shot. Ryan could have won NCAA's in discus but he was just missing it and there are a whole lot of reasons that could be the case but I personally feel that if he focused on discus for a year and let things heal up for shot he could well take a run at 66M next summer for the Olympics. Now 66M is a huge number but Ryan has some pretty exceptional skills. I am also not suggesting that is the route he would take but I do know that there is a huge difference between throwing a single vent full time versus being a full time student training in two events (even crazier for the kids throwing three events at a high level). Ryan will only be 23 years old in December so he is just on the verge of needing to decide what he wants to do. He looked like he was about 260-270lbs at NCAA's so that would not be a loss of 20lbs. His only good warmup throw would have won the meet but clearly he hand/elbow were shot after that one throw. If I were going to bet a few buck on what he does at USA's I would put him down for 62.50-63.50M in disc.

    I have checked off and on for years and its VERY rare. I am just saying that if in 2015 they ran a batch of clear ultimate spin plates, a few hundred. Double the price and they will sell. Then for 2016 do bright green sky master plates. Then for 2017 do yellow space traveler plates. Then in 2018 do another version. If it was once a year a batch of 200 sets of plates are available in unique colours and then not for that style of disc again for 3 years they would sell out in days. Just a thought.

    To the people at Denfi……please offer custom plates every year or two for one or two of your discs. I would pay a lot to get some clear plates for my ultimate spin. Its just such a cool look. Hey, even if you could produce 50-100 sets of plates a year that were cool colours and double or triple the price people would buy the plates.