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    Discus thrower Märt Israel (EST) is our first Thrower Of The Week. He recently improved his lifetime best Chula Vista - 66.98 - and showed his best shape ever. He is placed 2nd in seasons top list after Gerd Kanter (67.49) so Estonians now have the double lead.

    "Märt has so much capacity and is coming out of heavy lifting lately and cannot really control it to 100% in his technique, but great performance by him and much more to come. I think Märt can step up now to be one of the absolute best…

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    Finland´s former World Champion Tero Pitkamäki won the 2nd Diamond League meet which was held today in Shanghai. He threw 85.33 and leads the Diamond Ranking with 5 points. He repeated the World Leading result which was set by Russian Sergei Makarov.

    2-time Olympic Champion Andreas Thordkildsen (NOR) was second with 85.12 (Diamond Ranking 2p, 4th) , he was followed by Robert Oosthuizen (RSA, 83.73, Diamond Ranking 3p, 3th) and Teemo Wirkkala (82.39 SB).

    Petr Frydrych (CZE) was 6th with 79.40…

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    "It was really hard to deal with the competition. The throws in the warm-up came light and easy, but I couldn't manage to do them in the competition . The unrythmic throwing made it hard for me and I had to search for the right throw before every attempt, so the performance was left to the background. But we can be happy, that no-one got injured, because of the tough weather conditions. The competition next week will be different and I have to and I will be on a higher level !" said the…

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    The reigning World Champion Robert Harting won the competition with 66.92 in Wiesbaden, WLV Werfer Cup 2011. Weather turned out to be rainy and with a strong tailwind although the forecast was sunny.

    Martin Wierig proved his super shape with 65.15 which is only a bit less than his lifetime best 65.79. Australian Benn Harradine was 3rd with his seasons best 63.30 and Markus Münch 4th with 62.92 which is also his seasons best which means there will be 3 Germans in World Championships in August.…

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    The reigning World Champion Germany´s Robert Harting competes today in Wiesbaden. Expected weather conditions during the competition: sunny, +20 degrees, no wind.

    Australian Benn Harradine who came from 24h flight does his best to better his seasons best, so does 23 year old Martin Wierig (GER) who´s seasons best is 65.79 which is also his personal best.

    In the women´s competition Nadine Müller (GER) tries to put on a great effort after successful season in 2010 with a massive personal best…

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    Omar El-Ghazaly, former world junior record holder (65.88 in 2003, 1.75kg) and the reigning African champion is training in his hometown Cairo at the moment. His coach Aleksander Tammert and physiotherapist Siim Altosaar are also there and helping him.

    El-Ghazaly recently proved that working with Tammert has been the right choice, 64.79 in Cairo Club Championships was up to their expectations and there is definitely much more to come. It´s remarkable because El-Ghazaly never prepared for this…

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    Jürgen Schult has his 51th birthday today!

    Jürgen was the phenomen in athletics. He won everything one athlete can dream about... even more, the world record he set in 1986 still stands today. As an athlete under the East German program, his throw of 74.08 meters bested the previous record of Soviet athlete, Yuriy Dumchev, by 2.22 meters.

    Jürgen represented the Traktor Schwerin sport club and trained with Dr. Hermann Brandt, later he represented the Schwerin and Riesa sport clubs and…

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    Krisztián Pars from Hungary won in Athletics Grand Prix in Kawasaki. He threw his second best this year, with 79.47 he is placed 2nd in the World top list 2011. This was also his 7th competition in 2011.

    His main competitor in Kawasaki, Olympic Champion, Japanese hammer throwing legend Koji Murofushi started his season with 78.10 and placed second after Pars. It was a good start for Murofushi who also got the doctor degree in biomechanics. Last time he started his season with a better…

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    Omar El-Ghazaly started his season today in Cairo and ended up with a 64.79 that is very good considering that El-Ghazaly trains very hard and was not preparing for the competition. The competition was not planned and he had to compete for his club. His main target this year is the World Athletics Championships.

    Competition: Egyptian Club Championships
    Weather conditions in Cairo: +30 degrees, left headwind.

    El-Ghazaly trains in Cairo at the moment with his coach Aleksander Tammert and…

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    Jacko Gill is the most incredible young athlete of the decade. At the age of just 16, he managed to throw a new neighborhood record with 7.26kg shot -20.01 that is obviously a new World youth record.

    The boy who is good at rewriting all the track and field record books again and again, has big goals to catch. Last year in 2010 he throw an unbelievable 23.86m with 5kg implement that was of course a new World youth record.

    What can he do next? Does he have any resources left? These two are…