David Storl breaks the 21-meter mark

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    The second appearance of the year, Olympic standard checked: David Storl competed on Tuesday at a meeting in Osterode and let the 7kg ball hit the other side of 21 meters. Also, discipline colleague Sara Gambetta filed for claims in Rio.

    In 2009 he broke in Osterode the U20 world record, now David Storl returned as a two-time shot put world champion and current vice world champion. The athlete wanted his season best of 20.25 meters, thrown at the Hallesche Thrower days, improved. With 20.62…
  • David I was wondering if u could give me some pointers on how to help increase my shot put, the best I've thrown this year as a freshman is 44"7 and I've been staying around that mark, I'm going to be a sophomore next year and I hope I have some colleges looking at me if u would give me some pointers that would be great

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