Kovacs' Big Lift: When is there Too Much Strength?

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    Recently a video of fan favorite and world champion shot putter Joe Kovacs squatting 770 pounds has been zipping around the internet. Philosopher Vern Gambetta asked a question [URL:https://www.facebook.com/vern.…a/posts/10206041096050683] and that has sparked an interesting discussion drawing in other great minds. Below is the text posted as we publish, have a read and join in.

    Vern Gambetta
    11 March at 1:19pm
    I always ask- How much strength is enough? Saw where Joe Kovacs squatted 770…
  • A couple of comments. I don't know if thier is such a thing as being to strong. If that was the case thier would be no drug testing. I would rather have an athlete moving 60 to 70% of a 770 squat then a man 60 to 70% of 600lb squat for speed. Same for any lift. The art of strenght in this country has been devalue in the colleges in most sports. Its only 25% of the equation but at the world level you cant give up anything. Staying healthy is not to hard if you setup big base periods , slow upward progression so the body can adapt and plenty of recovery time. Lifting needs to be revamp in the usa but the university strenght coaches have control and even put limits on athletes for certain lifts such as 225 for a female bench. Not good.

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