World record anytime soon?

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    Back in 1996 the current javelin world record was set at a remarkable 98,48m. It was set by the most well known javelin thrower–an athlete that will most likely always be in your personal all-time top-10.

    Jan Zelezny (Czech Republic) is most known for throwing the current men's javelin world record, he was such an remarkable athlete with 53 of the total 99 throws over 90 meters, Zelezny turning pro back in 1986 at the same time that the javelin specifications were changing, from the old…
  • There is not currently an athlete capable of reaching Zelezny's record, in my opinion. There are many wonderful throwers today, and many great "fights" among them for the next few years (good for us!!) but none come close to the all round top abilities Zelezny had: speed being the most difficult to control when you need it and that was Jan's best weapon. He made 93m seem like a "bad" throw! Personally, I think this ear's guys can hit 95m but the next 3.5m will take someone very special. I sure hope I live to see it!!!

  • Fully Agree, I didn't want to sound as if I was knocking all the other top throwers because I'm not, I respect and look up to all the other amazing throwers. I just hear a lot of people saying that Yego could break the world record, and I'm sure is no easy throw to get over 98.48.

  • You cant compare Jan Zelezny's throws with the throws from Yego. I think this new nordic javelin makes more improvement than the actual thrower. If you compare the back view from Jan Zelezny and Julius Yego and spot the diffrence in the fibration of the javelin, you can clearly see the diffrence is huuuge ( Carbon - Steel ).

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    Look at this javelin. Zelezny threw 2 times 95m with this spaghetti javelin.

  • Do you think there was something else that might have helped Zelezny on the special day he set the world record? I mean, 98.48 is so far ahead of anything else even he threw. The record was set on May 25 in Jena, Germany. The film that day shows the weather was warm, as the women were in short sleeves, but also cloudy, which makes me think the barometric pressure was low that day. Munich Germany recorded a high of 70 degrees that day, and a low of 50, with .14 inch of precipitation.

    I think the barometric pressure may have aided him somewhat that day in his superhuman achievement.

  • Hey guys, a little off topic - does anyone know Zelezny's series from the Jena 1996 WR day? I haven't been able to find any info on that.

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