Piotr Malachowski smashed WL with 68.29m

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    Discussion of article Piotr Malachowski smashed WL with 68.29m:

    At the "Festiwal Rzutów Kamili Skolimowskiej" Piotr Malachowski smashed the WL with 68.29m. Piotr Malachowski underlined once again his ambition to win the gold medal at the world championships in Beijing. Gerd Kanter placed 2nd with 64.08m and Robert Urbanek 3rd with 63.93m.

    Currently, there is almost no one who beats Piotr Malachowski. In most of the competitions, he had the victory in the end of the competition. The same happened today. Piotr Malachowski openend the competition with a new…

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