Ivan Tikhon celebrates comeback with 77.46m in Zhukovskiy

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    Discussion of article Ivan Tikhon celebrates comeback with 77.46m in Zhukovskiy:

    The strong hammer throwers of the Russian national team competed today in Zhukovskiy, Russia. Actually, this competition was supposed to be a regional championship of Zhukovskiy but the national team decided to compete there as well. Ivan Tikhon celebrates his comeback with a victory and a 77.46m throw.

    Throwholics was told that the conditions to throw were just perfect. The weather was great with 24 degree and a shining sun. The Russian national team is currently doing a training camp in…
  • Just wondering why throwholics is posting for athletes that have failed drug tests? Shouldnt be promoting these kinds on athletes.

  • He came back clean after this two years ban. If the rules say you can compete then you're an athlete like everybody else.

  • It should be one time and you are out forever. I watched like every IAAF event before but when I realize magnitude of cheating I watch other sport.

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