2015 Off Season Coaching With: Jeff Gorski

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    In general, I look at the year in 3 phases: fall is the time to get fitter and correct technical flaws from last season- that (correct flaws) is the main thing I want to do in fall; Winter is for ingraining and making technical corrections the "new normal" and improving special/throwing power and speed; Spring/competition season kinda speaks for itself- stay healthy, perfect technique and plan peaks for important meets.

    Who do you coach?

    I work with several elite HS throwers in our Kultan…
  • A bit of an update.... just got this email this morning from the above mentioned "junior guy"...
    Hi Jeff,
    Alec Stimson again, the skinny boy from Australia.
    Our track and field season finished this week with a school knockout tournament which our school won the state title for in the Senior Boys age group. After coming back from injury in early February, I broke my 50.00m PB in my second competition, throwing it over 54m. This throw was a qualifier for the National Junior Championships in Sydney. I went into this competition in good form with the 800g throwing consistently in the low 50’s the week before, feeling as though I could break my PB if everything went right. Well, it most certainly did, on a stormy Sydney March afternoon I broke my PB of 54m, four times throughout my six attempts, building on my best with each throw with my best throw being 57.66m which guaranteed me fourth position after qualifying for the final three throws in fourth. So improving over seven metres throughout the season, I felt was a great achievement and a lot of that improvement can be put down to that one morning I had with you in December.
    My PB’s did not stop with just the 800g, I still threw the 700g twice this year for school competitions as in some of them it is still the junior weight. My PB was 56.31m which I threw 18 months ago, but I bumped it up to 59m at my school Sports Day and later at this school knockout tournament (Monday, May 4th) I well a truly broke the 60m barrier throwing 66.08m (in only a three throw competition). I will send you the video of this throw when I receive it. This throw has given me great confidence for next season and making that World Junior qualifier not so unrealistic.
    Over our winter, I am about to get into some hypertrophy of some sort in the gym while having a break from throwing for a little while. Could you please give me any feedback re my winter throwing? My first competition will be in late Septemeber.
    Looking at next year I am interested in coming over to the US again for your winter camp in January (have you set any dates as yet?) to try and set me up for the National competitions (both junior U/20s and open) in March. I will keep in touch over the coming months.
    I hope your family is well and all of your throwers are throwing far.

    With thanks,

    Alec Stimson

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