Skiiing accident: Is Sarah Mayer's season over?

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    Javelin thrower Sarah Mayer announced on Facebook her skiing accident. The 2011 U23 European Champion and 2013 U23 European silver medalist is one of the best young javelin throwers from Germany. It happened right before the new years on 30.12.2013 during a winter holiday. She torn down all her tapes of the acromioclavicular joint. The upcoming season is now put on hold due to the accident. Next week the surgery is scheduled to stabilise her shoulder with plates and screws.

    Sarah Mayer is…
  • What do you give-up to allow yourself to training and compete to the best of your ability?
    Do you choose to stay safe when out with your friends or figuring what to do for fun?
    What is your answer when your friend asks you help move his couch? ... or whole apartment?

    Does an athlete need to have an intense focus on herself and her needs to become world class?

  • Word of Wisdom from Steve Backley

    "The common perception of top sports people is that they have to make huge sacrifices to reach the top. But if you're in pursuit of your dreams, there aren't any sacrifices, because you're doing exactly what you want to do"

    If your mates are going down the pub on a Friday night but you have to have an early night because you've got to be down the track early on Saturday morning, that's not a sacrifice.
    I certainly never felt I was making a sacrifice, because I was doing exactly what I wanted to do.
    And if there ever comes a point when you want to go down the pub, go down the pub - because if you resent what you're doing, then you're never going to have enough enthusiasm to do what you're meant to be doing anyway.

  • I once played football and threw I gave up football. While in high school I was asked to join the wrestling team but was afraid was going to get hurt so I turned them down. When my track coach asked me to run in the sprints I said okay. When I ran my first race I pulled my left hamstring. It is hard but if you want to be the best you can, you must focus 100% on one thing, this doesn't mean never have fun. Though if you have fun make sure it is safe even a pick up game of basketball can mess up your ankle.

  • Sometimes the sacrifice you demand is from your friends and family. Missing holidays or gathering to avoid missing a training session or traveling at the wrong time in your training schedule. You may not mind missing but it can be tough to explain to your parents why you're not coming home for the winter holidays because you need to train.

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