Robert Harting first throwing session in 2014

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  • I think most peopke underestimate the importance of throwing and having the visual feedback (flight and distance) after a throw. Where i I live, the winter weather is very erratic with 40 deg temperature changes many days. ive found it very important to brave the weather rather than doing lots of net throws. It is important for the development of distance. I feel that throwing into the net has limitations on developing a good performance.

  • I totally share your opinion @Jason Young .
    Especially the throwers need to "feel" releasing their hands and to see the discus flying is a good feeling.
    On the other hand, if you want to take a closer look on a technique detail a ton of throws have to be done to correct someting. Therefore, it might be an advantage to do this inside. You can probably do double the amount of throws throwing into a net during a trainign session.

  • the throws into the net are not terrible but after spending quite a bit of time doing that, ive found that what you think you are working on may not be absolute. not having that feedback makes you shift towards the unknown

    I did lots of throwing volume work into nets and it never really improved my throwing. i always felt for me that 20 regular throws is still better than 200 in the net. the feeling of a 55m and 65m throw is different but its hard to understand how that feels without having the visual feedback.

    this is why most elite throwers that dont have ample indoor throwing space or wind/cold blocks do warm weather training camps. i still do throws into the net/ stand throws with balls but no full throws. i do have to say that a place that has netting far away from the circle enhances your perception.

    I rememebr LJ Silvester saying that he essentially though net throwing was worthless...i wouldnt go that far but i can see why he wouldve come to that conclusion

  • I fully agree with circumstantial reasons to throw into a net. i never miss training unless outside there is a a death threat lol. l just think that for folks who have the facility to do so, circumstances always tend to favor the inside during winter and if there is no open space, they favor the net. In college i found all types of excuses during winter to throw inside. (Different frame of mind, same location)
    1. Cold = default to net
    2. Wind = default
    3. Rain = default
    4. Tired from lifting
    5. Lazydon't want to prep =default
    6. Stiff don't want to warm extra = default
    7. Friday and recruits in town/im hosting/time saver = default

    i think we must be careful. If the temp is negative and you cant find your implement in the snow, then of course lets go inside. Use the open areas first. Use the net as a last resort. Ive found that many of use it more often than not for comfort and convienence.

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