Who Will Spark Tokyo's Olympic Flame?

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    Throwholics' choice to light the Olympic Cauldron in Tokyo?
    室伏 重信 and his children 室伏 由佳 and 室伏 アレクサンダー 広治
    a.k.a. Shigenobu Murofushi and his children Yuka and Koji.

    We'd love to see Koji drop a flaming hammer into the cauldron from a pad raised 25m off the ground and 70m or so away from the torch.
  • Perhaps there could be some netting to catch Koji's flaming hammer and guide it to the cauldron and also protect it from impact. Perhaps a cone of netting around the cauldron angled 45 degrees in the direction of the throw. With all this discussion--may not be a complete secret, but the spectacle of it will more than make up for it.

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