Secrets, Stories and The Frontier of Throwing (Long Read)

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    This story began quaintly enough as I set out to research the history and origin of the ‘South African’ discus drill, also known as the ‘step-and-turn’; I spoke with throwers around the world tracing it’s roots all the way to Pretoria and a 73-year-old man named Jakobus du Preez. He has been at the heart of coaching South African discus throwing for the past half-century.

    The ‘Step-and-Turn’, as it is known in South Africa and around the World, was created as a fast way to teach the full turn…
  • Dear Sir,
    To my astonishment I had to read that Frantz Kruger was coached by Dup du Preez - this being a laughable matter as Frantz Kruger was coached by me from the age of 16 years until the end of his career. At the moment Victor Hogan 5th at the World Championships in Moskow has been with me for the past 8 years. I coached in the RSA, Egypt an Finland and in Egypt I coached Omar Elghazaly in 2003 in which period he threw a new World Junior record of 65.88- for this achievement the Egyptian Federation presented me with a silver plack.. I coached most of the RSA's top mens discus throwers of the past. The IAAF, ASA, Don Babbitt, Ekkardt Arbeit and Adam Nelson and a number of World leading throwers will acknowledge it.
    As Throws Coach of the ASA team I accompanied teams to the 2000,2004 Olympics as well as the Finish team to the 2008 Olympics and the Commonwealth Games of Manchester, Melbourne and Delhi - as well as Coach of the African Team to the World Cup ( Continental Cup) in Havana ,Cuba, Madrid and Athens. A lot of coaches always want to ride on the backs of others. I would appreciate it if you could put this in the right prospective. If needed I can send you a CV of my accomplishments. Kaai Preller ( Head Coach of the University of the Free State )

  • The article has been adjusted. No doubt readers will also read your comment posted here and be able to learn the further gravity of your work and role in throwing....Check your email too please. Thank you.

  • Thanks Sean,
    As far as I now Elfranco Malan, Hannes Botha and Fanie du Plessis were the first to use the SA Drill ( run-inn ) - Elfranco informed me that after talks with Jay Silvester they improved on the drill. This was before Dups competing and coaching career.
    Kaai Preller

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