Reese Hoffa's Massive 21.71m Moves Him to #1 on Earth

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    The Drake Relays are wrapped-up and we've seen some very good shot put results. Reese Hoffa won the competition with a 21.71m (71' 2") bomb for a massive world leading throw.

    Des Moines, Iowa - The mighty Drake Relays, home of the turkey leg snack, once again gave us a great shot put competition and awarded the top three not with metal but pulled pork sandwiches. Truth be told the Iowans also turned-up the heat in the 7' circle by offering a nice purse to the day's best putters–$12,000 for…
  • Wow . Have a question has anyone ever heard of a coach ( high school) having his throwers warmup by standing in line and throwing the 12 lbs shot puts behind their heads they can not see who is behind them when they do this is this right or even safe

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