Rome, Young and Brooks to Daegu, Bowman fails

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    Discussion of article Rome, Young and Brooks to Daegu, Bowman fails:

    USA Track & Field Championships: Day 1

    Men´s Discus - Jarred Rome (USA ) won the competition with 63.99m which is just near his season´s best of 64.03m (Chula Vista on 16 Jun). Jason Young was second with his season´s best 63.81m and Lance Brooks third with 63.42m.

    Russ Winger, whos season´s best stands on 66.04 which also makes him the leader of USA top chart this year, was 4th with 63.38m. John Bowman, a former hurdler who improved his lifetime best by 4 meters to 64.47m this year, was only…

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