Vasiļevskis and Sirmais to compete in Tartu

  • Discussion of article Vasiļevskis and Sirmais to compete in Tartu:

    Latvian javelin record holder Vadims Vasiļevskis (90.73 m) and the world junior record holder Zigismunds Sirmais (84.47 m) , also Latvian, will compete tomorrow in Tartu.

    Men´s javelin startlist also include the Estonian record holder and the former World Champion (2005) Andrus Värnik (87.83 m), Estonian leader in the past few years Mihkel Kukk (81.77 m), Olympic silver medallist Ainars Kovals (86.64 m) and the Finnish hope Antti Ruuskanen (87.33 m).

    Zigismunds Sirmais is considered to…

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