Kibwe Johnson brings Unted States into TOP 3

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    Discussion of article Kibwe Johnson brings Unted States into TOP 3:

    Kibwe Johnson (Usa), now 29 years old threw 80.09 m in Uberlândia, Brazil (GP Internacional CAIXA/ Sesi De Atletismo, 18 May 2011) and took the 2nd place in the men´s hammer world ranking. He´s the highest ranking American since 2000!

    Johnson´s result was also a record of the Meet - previous best was 79.29 m, made in 2009 by Dilshod Nazarov who was 2nd this year with 77.41 m. The bronze went to Igors Sokolovs (Latvia) who threw 75.84 m.

    Only the 4th American over 80 meters and the 3rd…

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