Romani to get to 23m first

  • you may be right. he reminds me of Dylan Armstrong. I wonder if Dylan worked out more like Romani (only heard second hand) and not the Dr. B system, if he'd already have thrown 23m+?(sorry another topic). I know someone said that throwing as far as he did at worlds and still getting 4th is the most motivating thing that could happen. I think everyone in the world elite is very motivated. Recently talked with a coach of one the 21.50+ throwers and he stated the the goal this year is 23m. So, I assume everyone else's is something similar.
    Now to changing your mind. I would say that if I look at the PR's of the top 8 or so over 22m, Crouser's throw seemed to be the one that looked like it could've been better and probably over 23m. his fifth round throw was better technically and he said it came off his hand wrong. so sixth was better hit off fingers, but not as good technically as fifth, perhaps had more intensity though (trying to remember his interview afterward). So, I believe not having to improve on anything, he can throw 23m if he just lined up the throw with the release of hand. All of the others PR's, even Romani's at the PRE seemed like a pretty good combo of form and release. @bruh what's your reasoning that Romani will be the first?

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