Getting back in the Ring

  • So it's been about 5 years since I last threw the shot put. I'm planning on coming back and throwing at a meet in a couple of months. Just wondering if anybody has been in this kind of situation before. I've still kept up a general lifting/hiking regime throughout these years, but haven't trained specifically for the shot.

    I'd love to here some tips or stories of any thrower who mad or is making a comeback.

    Also, I used to post to 'The Ring' ( a lot. Has that been replaced by this forum?


  • Hello Bob. My father and coach , Burger Lambrechts sr made a very similar comeback in 2010. In his professional carreer he threw 20.9m and won the 1998 commonwealth games. He stopped in 2004 and startedagain in 2009 . He also kept a general fitness in the gym and when he wasnt throwing. When he started his comeback it was a very long and slow process. It took him about a 2 years to throw 60 feet again and when he started he had troubel throwing 16m fullturn. By 2012 he threw 20.12m on the age of 40.

    The only advice I can give you from what I've seen is to not give up and train hard. Just get in there and do it.

  • Thanks for the advice, mate! That's awesome to hear he made a successful comeback. I've always wanted to get back into the ring when took my hiatus. Do you know if he changed up his training routine, or if he was maintaining one while he was off?

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