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  • Michael Carter, the greatest thrower (Olympic silver) / footballer (NFL All-Pro) in our time. Current Alabama Football Players who threw in High School *most number pulled from MileSplits article # thrower pos class shot discus javelin honors stars 93 Jonathan Allen DL JR 45′ 8″ 143′ 8″ ★★★★★ Stone Bridge HS, Ashburn, VA 22 Ryan Anderson LB JR […]


  • Thats interesting and has always been a common occurrence. I have noticed one thrower that went into footfall after high school but I'm not really sure about his football achievements. His name is Margus Hunt he won the world junior champs in early 2000s (I think 2004) in both discus and shot put also taking the world junior record in the discus at the time. He is Estonian and as far as I know he went into American football

  • An interesting search would be the number of American footballers, particularly quarterbacks who also threw the javelin. Terry Bradshaw, formerly of the Pittsburg Steelers threw the high school javelin 240 feet, 2 inches (73.3 meters) in 1966 (then a US high school record).

    Currently our US high school record sites at 255 feet, 4 inches (77.8 meters) set in 2010.

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