Throwholics Throwers of the Month: August

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    this is the thread for all your suggestions.
    Please read the full guidelines here: Guidelines

    Name of the Thrower:
    Month's best performance:
    Rationale for the suggestions:


    • Starting at the 1st of each month the suggestions can be placed into the corresponding thread following the format above.
    • The suggestions thread will automatically be closed at the end of each month
    • A Throwholics team member will open a new thread including all suggested throwers for the poll.
    • The poll will be closed automatically after one week
    • The final winner will then be announced.


    • Unlimited suggestions for everyone, but please do each suggestions into a new post, following the format above
    • Each user will be able to vote for only one thrower per gender
    • All suggestions must be throwing related (decathlon/heptathlon are also allowed)
    • If you post a video link please only post 1 link per suggestion
    • A thrower cannot be crowned "Thrower of the Month" twice in a row, and hence the winner would then move on to the second most voted thrower.

    Have fun suggesting!

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