Throwholics Youtube channel update

  • Would you like to have the posibility of uploading youre own throwing videos to the channel? 12

    1. Yes (7) 58%
    2. No (0) 0%
    3. Would be nice! (5) 42%

    Hi there throwers,

    Because the Throwholics YouTube channel has be some what inactive for some time, Florian Has allowed me to help manage the channel, so ive edited some of the information to the channel (Adding Links to the description to help views find there way here.

    At the moment I have uploaded a Promotional video to the channel, but im going to start adding videos to the channel over the next weeks, but at the same time as that, I may introduce a way for all of our community to upload there throwing related videos to the channel, (with in reason)

    So sit tight as the channel undergoes work in the next week or so and I will post another update about the channel.


  • Like the idea...But how will this be done?Never knew that is possible with YouTube?

    We are currently working to start this up, but we can always have,
    That the Video maker uploads it to there channel as "Unlisted" and then emails me the link, and title, and description in the email,

    But must have "I allow to use my video" in the video description.

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