Throwholics Throwers of the Month: July

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    this is the thread for all your suggestions.
    Please read the full guidelines here: Guidelines

    Name of the Thrower:
    Month's best performance:
    Rationale for the suggestions:


    • Starting at the 1st of each month the suggestions can be placed into the corresponding thread following the format above.
    • The suggestions thread will automatically be closed at the end of each month
    • A Throwholics team member will open a new thread including all suggested throwers for the poll.
    • The poll will be closed automatically after one week
    • The final winner will then be announced.


    • Unlimited suggestions for everyone, but please do each suggestions into a new post, following the format above
    • Each user will be able to vote for only one thrower per gender
    • All suggestions must be throwing related (decathlon/heptathlon are also allowed)
    • If you post a video link please only post 1 link per suggestion
    • A thrower cannot be crowned "Thrower of the Month" twice in a row, and hence the winner would then move on to the second most voted thrower.

    Have fun suggesting!

  • Ah I was also suggesting David Storl... But you were too fast for me hehe

    Name of the Thrower: Pawel Fajdek
    Discipline: Hammer
    Month's best performance: 83.12m
    Rationale for the suggestions: world champion Pawel is just purely amazing... as far as I read, he won at the universiade with 5 meters distance to the second place....
    And who can bat him in 2015? so far no one. And is there anyone being able to beat him in Beijing? Highly doubt it...

  • Name of the Thrower: Keshorn Walcott
    Discipline: Javelin
    Month's best performance: 90.16m
    Rationale for the suggestions:
    He was the best yesterday. Well Storl was good also but the real monster was from Keshorn. I did not expect that to happen... So the surprising olympic champion did something outstanding.

  • Name of the Thrower: Vitezslav Vesely
    Discipline: Javelin
    Month's best performance: 87.97m
    Rationale for the suggestions: Despite the fact that Keshorn won the DL meeting in Lausanne and had that monster throw I think Vesely should also be considered.
    He had thrown so many times during that competition so far. Keshorn did throw only one valid one, one fould and skipped the remaining four.
    So i think Vesely is way more consistent

  • Name of the Thrower: Tero Pitkämäki
    Discipline: Javelin
    Month's best performance: 87.44m
    Rationale for the suggestions: Also Tero should be considered. He did throw impressively throughout the season with some monster throws, 89m, and now again 87m? That is outstanding.

  • Do not forget the great women results.
    My suggestion:

    Name of the Thrower: Christina Schwanitz
    Discipline: Shot put
    Month's best performance: 20.31m.
    Rationale for the suggestions: the season, christina is the best. 20.77m, 20.36m and now in july again 20.31m. .... she should be considered for sure

  • Why don't you suggest the better cuban?!

    Name of the Thrower: Denia Caballero
    Discipline: Discus
    Month's best performance: 67.25m
    Rationale for the suggestions: leading the world with 70.65m.... it cannot be used for the vote in july (sadly) but still 67m is impressive... lets hope she will beat Sandra in Bejing

  • Name of the Thrower: Christin HussongDiscipline: JavelinMonth's best performance: 65.60m.Rationale for the suggestions:Just recently won the u23 champonshipsread that on you website. think she is quite young for that good throw...

    Name of the Thrower: Yaimi PerezDiscipline: DiscusMonth's best performance: 67.13mRationale for the suggestions: Alone the fact the beat Sandra Perkovic I'm impressed...The cubans doing a good job. hope she can keep the form until wc.

    Why don't you suggest the better cuban?!Name of the Thrower: Denia CaballeroDiscipline: DiscusMonth's best performance: 67.25mRationale for the suggestions: leading the world with 70.65m.... it cannot be used for the vote in july (sadly) but still 67m is impressive... lets hope she will beat Sandra in Bejing

    Thank you to all that have submitted so far,
    Please would you help us by sharing this on all social media sites.

  • Name of the Thrower: Joe Kovacs
    Discipline: Shot Put
    Month's best performance: 22.56m
    Rationale for the suggestions: New meeting record, new diamond league record and new personal best. being 8th on the shot put all time list...
    I guess we have a winner ... =O

  • Name of the Thrower: Lijiao Gong
    Discipline: Shot Put
    Month's best performance: 20.34m
    Rationale for the suggestions:

    Just read that she did a pretty good toss in Germany. Only 1inch below her pb from 09.
    If Adams is not back in the game for beijing, maybe a trio of carter, schwanitz and now gong will be the only ones fighting for gold

  • Well well, i recommend another shot putter

    Name of the Thrower: Konrad Bukowiecki
    Discipline: Shot Put
    Month's best performance: 22.62m
    Rationale for the suggestions:

    3rd in U20 all time shot put, behind David Storl and Jacko Gill... best part is, he has one more year to go for the world record of 23m.....
    what a strong kid...

  • Got another discus thrower on my suggestion list..

    Name of the Thrower: Bartłomiej Stój
    Discipline: Discus
    Month's best performance: 68.02m
    Rationale for the suggestions:
    Won the U20 discus european championships today... what a great comp...
    now being 3rd on the U20 all time list...
    WR holder mykyta nesterenko 70.13m and martin markovic 68.48m are infront of him only...

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