rblevinski Technique Analysis

  • Hello, my name is Rudy and I am a junior in high school. I throw mostly shot put and discus. I recently began to make the transition from glide to spin for shot put and have run into quite a few errors as will be apparent in my videos. My first question is, should I continue to try to spin, or should I focus on the glide for now? I'm sorry my videos are not higher quality as I usually do not have anyone to video tape my throws. I have attached a video of a glide as well as a spin (both from practice) for critique. In the future, I may add videos of my discus throw, but for now, I would like to keep it concentrated on shot put. It should be noted that my PR for shot put is 41' 11.5" using a glide however; on one occasion, I threw a 41' 1.5" from the power position. If anyone would be able to help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Glide: http://youtu.be/pYWnu3g5Mpo

    Spin: http://youtu.be/AahM0k6JakQ

  • Hey Rudy,

    I commented on your glide video as well, but for your glide you're very hunched over initially and you're not translating any momentum into the shot put. What I recommend doing is "sitting" over your right leg so your weight is over your right heel. This will allow your body to travel with the speed your legs are trying to generate and put all the force into the shot.

    Your spin for shot put is very, very tall. What I recommend is doing half throws so you can get uncomfortably low in the rotational PowerPosition.

    As for between the glide and the spin, I'd stick with the glide for now and maximize what you have, there's at least 2 more feet in there!

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