Difference In Throwing Shoes

  • I am looking to see what people think to different types of shoe, whether that be discus,shot,hammer or javelin. There is are quite a few different types of shoe on the market at the minute around the world and I am interested to see what the differences are for different people and what they look for in a shoe.

    I am currently using the 2013 Saucony discus shoes, I am finding them quite quick. The way they are made I find it a lot easier to be on my toes while in them. I am relatively new to the sport (3 years) but I am now getting to the point where I'm looking at how to improve every aspect of my throw and these helped to get round the circle for me.

  • I have thrown in almost every throwing shoe available throwing shoe currently on the market and own most of them as well so I can go into fairly detailed info for shoes. I'll cover each company in a separate post starting with Nike on this one. The models will also be the current shoe offered as models change throughout the years.

    Brands: There are not as many shoe makers as there use to be today all that is left is Nike, Adidas, Saucony and Asics. There are also shoes made by VS Athletics and depending how far you want to go there are Chinese and Japanese companies that sell shoes just over there.

    Type: Nike and Adidas have 2-3 different type shoes although the names/model differ they are essentially follow this category. Fast, Medium/Slow, Value/Economy.

    Links posted will be to a website with best photos of each shoe.


    Zoom Rotational

    Nike Zoom Rotational 6

    The Zoom Rotational is Nike's fast or rotational shoe. It's a smooth and flat bottom shoe that is meant for rotational movement but can be used for the glide as well. This is a preferred shoe for hammer throwers as well.

    This shoe use to have a much harder bottom thus made it a lot faster but for some reason that has changed.

    Zoom SD

    Nike Zoom SD 4

    The Zoom SD is Nike's medium/slow shoe. The bottom is flat and slightly textured. It's slower than the Rotationals but many rotational throwers like this shoe over the Rotationals.

    Personally this shoe is my favorite Nike shoe currently on the market and seems to be with a lot of top level throwers as well.

    Zoom Rival SD

    Nike Zoom Rival SD 2

    This shoe is Nike's value shoe. It's bottom is the exact same as the Zoom SD. The only difference is the upper which is not as quality thus being able to sell the shoe at a cheaper price.

    NOTE: Over the years Nike's throwing shoes have gone from being made out of leather, to a synthetic material now to a mesh and flywire design. These shoes can be very uncomfortable depending on your foot. All of my teammates have complained about the current Nike throwing shoes. Also with the mesh build these are likely to develop tears in the upper portion of the shoe.

  • Next up is


    Adizero Discus/Hammer

    Adidas Adizero Discus/Hammer 2

    This is Adidas' fast shoe. With discus/hammer in the title it's clearly meant for rotational movement as it has a flat and smooth bottom. The bottom of this shoe is very hard and can have a bit of break in time.

    Throwstar Allround

    Adidas Throwstar Allround

    This is Adidas' medium/slow and value shoe. The bottom of the shoe is flat and textured with somewhat like pyramids. It's also a soft rubber meaning it is a slow shoe. This would be best for beginners or someone who needs a shoe for a very fast/slick ring.

  • Next up are Saucony and VS Athletics as they only have 1 shoe on the market each.

    Saucony Unleash SD

    Saucony Unleash SD Unisex Shoes

    I'm not going to say much about the shoe I'll let Adam Nelson who designed the shoe take care of that.

    Note: This shoe isn't flat it has a plate in it causing you to get up on the ball of the foot. This takes a bit of time to get use to. If you are use to flat bottom shoes it may be a little annoying at first.

    VS Athletics Centrifugal

    VS Centrifugal

    I have not thrown in these shoes but these have been designed as a "retro" shoe. These two videos will explain about the shoe.

  • that is some quality feedback, I have to say I am seeing more people in the addidas shoes than the Nike ones so, to hear that you know of a few people complaining about them makes sense.

    Yeah got a pair of them from my school used them for indoor season and that was about it. Bought a pair of older Nike's which I'm using now and will probably move to the Adidas for the summer unless I find a pair of Nike's that I like.

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